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Habitat For Humanity Expands House-Building To Cameroon

Americus, Ga. - May, 18 2001 - The prominent nonprofit housing organization that has built more than 100,000 houses in 76 countries and has over 2,000 affiliates worldwide is extending is efforts to Cameroon.

“This is another momentous step forward in our campaign to eliminate poverty housing from the face of the earth,” said Millard Fuller, founder and president of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI). The ecumenical Christian organization is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing. “Everyone in the Habitat for Humanity family shares great enthusiasm for our work in Cameroon and across the globe.”

The majority of the people of Cameroon are farmers who live in the small towns or villages in southern and central regions of the country. The economy of Cameroon is dependent primarily on its agricultural and timber resources, with income from the sale of petroleum reserves constituting an important source of government revenue.

Cameroon is bounded on the north by Lake Chad, on the east by Chad and the Central African Republic, on the south by the Republic of the Congo, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea, and on the west by the Bight of Biafra and Nigeria. The country is shaped like an elongated triangle, and forms a bridge between western Africa and central Africa.

Celebrating its 25th Anniversary year, Habitat for Humanity International is an ecumenical Christian ministry dedicated to eliminating poverty housing. Founded by Millard Fuller, along with his wife, Linda, Habitat for Humanity International and its affiliates in more than 2,000 communities in 76 nations have built and sold more than 100,000 homes to partner families with no-profit, zero-interest mortgages.