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Aid Agencies Team to House, Feed Afghan People



AMERICUS, Ga., July 15— Habitat for Humanity International announces a partnership with Food for the Hungry and Joint Development Associates International to help house and feed the people of war-torn Afghanistan.

“After years of war, drought and famine, the people of Afghanistan desperately need help to rebuild their homes, their lives and their country,” said Millard Fuller, founder and president of Habitat for Humanity International. “We want to make sure they know the world has not forgotten them.”

The partnership between Habitat, Food for the Hungry and Joint Development Associates aims to provide shelter assistance and improve the security and dignity of as many as 200 homeless

families in severely affected villages in the Char Bolak District of the Balkh Province in northern Afghanistan.

“The potential impact of partnering an agency specializing in food security (FH) with one specializing in shelter (HFHI) is immense,” said Shaun Walsh, vice president of international relief for Food for the Hungry. “We are embarking on an effort that will help thousands of people meet their basic needs while reaching out to serve others.”

According to United Nations reports, hundreds of refugees and internally displaced people are returning to the region, some having left the district as many as 20 years ago due to fighting and drought. Many of these people will require assistance with house repair or construction because most homes have badly deteriorated, with holes in roofs, crumbled walls and missing doors and windows.

For more information about Habitat for Humanity International, log onto our Web site at The partnership also is highlighted on the Web site of Food for the Hungry at

Food for the Hungry is an international Christian relief and development organization, helping those who are affected by floods, famines, earthquakes, war, hunger and poverty. Projects include agriculture, income generation, health care, water and sanitation, child sponsorship, and relief.

Habitat for Humanity International is an ecumenical Christian ministry dedicated to eliminating poverty housing. Founded by Millard Fuller, along with his wife, Linda, Habitat for Humanity International and its affiliates in more than 2,000 communities in 83 nations have built and sold more than 120,000 homes to partner families with no-profit, zero-interest mortgages.