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Letter from Jonathan Reckford

As many of you may have seen on news reports by now, the city of Americus, Ga., was struck by a tornado Thursday evening, causing widespread damage in the area. While I am at the International Board meeting in Guatemala, I have been staying in close touch with staffers at Habitat for Humanity International’s operational headquarters in Americus. We are currently assessing the situation and checking on the well being of HFHI staff members and our neighbors who live in the impacted area.

HFHI’s facilities in Americus were not damaged, but headquarters operations in Americus will be closed today due to power outages and difficulty traveling throughout Americus. While there will be temporary disruptions to our operations in, the toll-free number is up and running and can take your phone calls. We hope HFHI’s offices in Americus will reopen by Monday, March 5.

During this time, we ask for the prayers of the entire Habitat for Humanity family as we not only work to restore operations in Americus to full capacity, but also to help staff, friends, family members and neighbors in this community that has been so important to Habitat for Humanity over the years.

In Christian Partnership,
Jonathan Reckford
CEO, Habitat for Humanity International