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Video contest set for Habitat for Humanity’s ‘Act! Speak! Build! Week’

ATLANTA and Americus, Ga. (March 6, 2007) – Habitat for Humanity’s Youth Programs department is inviting youth, ages 18-25, to participate in a video letter-writing campaign targeted toward a Congressional audience. The digital advocacy contest is part of Act! Speak! Build! Week, a national Habitat for Humanity student-initiated advocacy program that empowers young people to educate themselves and their communities. The winning videos will be sent to appropriate government officials and used as an advocacy tool.

Habitat’s Act! Speak! Build! Week will be held April 16-22 and the winner of the video contest will be announced on April 23. Select entries will be uploaded to and Winners will be chosen based on the number of hits their video receives and feedback from Habitat judges. Prizes include scholarships for winners to participate in a Habitat Global Village trip or a Habitat Collegiate Challenge trip. The scholarships amounts include: First place will receive $1,000, second place will receive $500 and third place will receive $250.

Videos must advocate for one of the following three issues (more details relating to each issue can be found at

Corporation for National Service Appropriations:
National Service Members have made significant contributions to Habitat for Humanity. CNCS funding was reduced by Congress in FY2007 and is slated for further reductions in FY2008.

The video must include the following sentence: Please show support for the exceptional work accomplished by National Service Members by maintaining funding for the Corporation for National Service in FY2008. National Service Members continue to make significant contributions to Habitat for Humanity affiliates around the country, especially in the Gulf Coast region.

The Global Resources and Opportunities for Women to Thrive Act (GROWTH Act) is groundbreaking legislation proposing a positive change to U.S. international assistance and trade programs to prioritize economic opportunities of women living in poverty. The Act removes barriers that prevent women from participating actively in their countries’ economies.

The video must include the following sentence: Please increase opportunities for women living in poverty worldwide by supporting The Global Resources and Opportunities for Women to Thrive Act (GROWTH Act).

Poverty-focused Development Assistance/ONE Campaign
Habitat staff around the world have identified housing finance, microfinance and slum upgrading as their top international priorities for the 110th Congress. Habitat recommends increasing poverty-focused development assistance by $5 billion in FY2008. The organization’s involvement in the ONE Campaign is helping to raise the collective conscience of the effects of extreme poverty.

The video must include the following sentence: Please support an increase of poverty-focused development assistance by $5 billion in FY2008.

Other Submission Guidelines:

• Contest open to youth ages 18-25.
• Videos cannot be longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds.
• Entries must address one of the three provided subject matters: Corporation for

National Service Appropriations, the GROWTH Act or the ONE Campaign.
• Entries must be submitted to Habitat for Humanity Youth Programs no later than

April 9, 2007. Send entries to:
Habitat for Humanity Youth Programs
C/O Sarah Smith
121 Habitat Street
Americus, GA 31079

• Entries must be submitted in either the original DVD or tape form. Compressed

videos will not be accepted.
• Submissions from professional videographers will not be accepted, but films

submitted by students are welcome.

About Habitat for Humanity International
Habitat for Humanity International is an ecumenical Christian ministry that welcomes to its work all people dedicated to the cause of eliminating poverty housing. Since its founding in Americus, Ga., in 1976, Habitat has built more than 200,000 houses in nearly 100 countries, providing simple, decent and affordable shelter for more than 1 million people. For more information, visit