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HFHI Weekly Social Media Report
  The following is a summary of Habitat for Humanity International’s social media activities for the week of April 23 – 29.  
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An untold number of people are homeless after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake and a series of powerful aftershocks leveled homes and buildings in Nepal. Habitat’s disaster response teams will be assembling 20,000 emergency shelter kits and coordinating our response. Please make a donation today to help those affected by this disaster:

Facebook | April 26 | 1,444 Likes, 36 Comments, 1,041 Shares,  2,316 Clicks, 1,310 Engagements from shares

Did you know students in safe, well-built homes are twice as likely to attend college?

Facebook | April 27 | 956 Likes, 23 Comments, 146 Shares,  564 Clicks, 109 Engagements from shares

Photo album: Help provide relief to Nepal

Facebook | April 21 | 531 Likes, 16 Comments, 248 Shares,  5,248 Clicks

Families are homeless after the 7.8-magnitude Nepal earthquake. Please help by donating today:

Twitter | April 26 | 152 Retweets, 123 Favorites, 353 Clicks

Help those affected by today’s 7.8-magnitude Nepal earthquake. Donate here:

Twitter | April 25 | 10 Retweets, 18 Favorites, 72 Clicks

98% of @HabitatGVL homeowners say their life is more stable now.

Twitter | April 23 | 18 Retweets, 22 Favorites, 41 Clicks

Check it out: Nearly 10,000 students are spending their breaks with Habitat.

LinkedIn | April 27 | 67 Likes, 6 Comment, 4 Shares, 40 Clicks

Families are homeless after the 7.8-magnitue earthquake in Nepal that flattened houses and buildings. Visit to donate to those affected.

Instagram | April 16 | 403 Likes, 9 Comments

  Samples of what HFHI’s followers are saying
@Abercrombie: Our thoughts are with those affected by the recent tragedy in Nepal. We applaud our associates for all their relief efforts and stand strong and united to support them and others affected through @SavetheChildren & @HabitatForHumanity

Instagram | April 28 | 52,509 Likes, 110 Comments

@TheMoreOneSows: I LOVE #HabitatforHumanity. :) Scored on a couple trays of #perennial #plants for just $.50 each, and all of them were donated by a #local #nursery.

Instagram | April 30 | 52,509 Likes, 110 Comments

@RikkiKlausWESH: Breast cancer/domestic violence survivor Maria Torres-Leon w/ her kids, on site of their future @Habitat_org home.

Twitter | April 28 | 10 Retweets, 13 Favorites

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