Collegiate Challenge registration


Spring break: Feb. 8-April 4, 2015

Summer break: April 5-Sept. 5, 2015

Before you register:

  • Read our frequently asked questions.
  • Choose a team leader. The team leader will be your group’s contact for the Collegiate Challenge team and the host affiliates.
  • If you are sending multiple teams, please choose one person to be the contact person for all teams.
  • Check Collegiate Challenge site lists to see which host affiliates are available. Rank your top three choices in the event that your first choice location is not availble. 

When choosing a location, please consider:

  • Distance from home.
  • Travel costs.
  • Number of people that can be hosted.
  • Amount of affiliate contribution.

Take note of any special requirements:

  • College or university groups only.
  • Faculty member requirements.
  • Age restrictions.
  • Teacher-to-student ratio requirements.