Support the 25th anniversary build through Share.Habitat

Share.Habitat is a way to support, donate or fundraise

  1. Use it as a supporter to see what’s going on, encourage others and spread the word. Check it out here.
  2. You can also become a donor by clicking on “Please donate.” Donate by mail or secure credit card. Choose any amount. Donate anonymously if you prefer. It’s all up to you.
  3. To maximize your impact, become a fundraiser. Create your fundraising page on Share.Habitat, then: 
    • Once on the campaign page, scroll down until you see the “Up Your Impact” box on the right-hand side.
    • Click the last link in that box, which reads “Become a Fundraiser.”
    • From there, you can choose to create an account through Facebook, or you can simply click “Sign Up” under the Facebook banner to just use your email. If you are not using Facebook, just enter your name and email address and create a password. 

Now that you’ve created an account, you will be taken to your fundraising creation page. You may edit this page by clicking on your Dashboard tab at the top, and then on the “Make Edits” link at the top.

Personalize your page 

  • Write a short statement about why you’re fundraising.
  • Set a goal. How much would you like to raise for this cause? You can change the default amount to your choice. The end date and default donation are set for you, but you are free to change them.
  • Upload photos that help tell the story of your support for this anniversary event. You may also copy and paste the URL to a video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo that will display on your page as well. Some content is there for you already, but you may delete it, move it around or add to it.
  • Tell your Care-A-Vanner story in your own words. Tell your donors why this event is important to you. 

That’s it! You’re now ready to accept donations to your Share.Habitat fundraising page.

Add to the experience 

  • Click on the Dashboard tab at the top of your page to share your story using the promotional and email tools found there.
  • Use the dropdown box at the top right of the page to edit your account settings (this is where you add a profile picture to show the world it’s your page!).
  • Click on the Edit button in the strip at the top to update and edit your fundraising page.

Problems, questions?
Email Mary Campbell at I’ll answer as soon as I can and share helpful hints in future newsletters.