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From the registration desk

Summer in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts is awesome! I hope wherever this newsletter finds you, your summer is as enjoyable.

This month’s tidbits from the registration desk

  • What do those numbers mean on the roster after the RV info?
    This number reflects the number of scheduled Care-A-Vanner builds in which you’ve participated since the program went electronic.

    If the number of builds is less than the builds you have done, unfortunately, I can’t correct it. This number does not include drop-in builds or off-the-grid builds or pre-automated scheduled builds.

    Its purpose is only to help Brenda Sawyer, our Team Leader Coordinator, determine someone’s build history before tapping them to be team leaders.

  • The program limits the team’s roster to two fields for phone numbers, one for home and one for cell. We are also limited to one email address.
    We do, however, keep all your contact information in the program and can access it upon request. So if you’ve sent in a roster change and see the same ‘incomplete info’ on the next roster, now you know ‘the rest of the story’.

Until next time,
Lu Tillotson
RV Care-A-Vanner Registration Desk

Phone: 229-410-7534 or 1-800-Habitat x7534
Fax: 229-410-7490