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OSHA's top 25 safety violations

Over the past six months I’ve mentioned some of the most common safety concerns to look for.  Just as a recap Mary V. sent me a link to OSHA’s list of the 25 most fines for safety violations. I’m not going to list them all but just touch on a few that seem relevant to Care-A-Vanner worksites and I have mentioned in past articles.

These are areas where OSHA has fined a home remodeler for failure to follow good safety practices. If you would like a very simplified cheat sheet that condenses the areas to check on your next build this would be a good one to keep.

  • Scaffolding - leveled feet on ground, fully decked, guard rails.
  • Fall protection - primarily on roofing work: are the people tied off with OSHA approved safety gear?
  • Ladder - extension ladder tied off if in constant use, extends 3’ above the roof line, Appropriate step or extension ladder for construction work, Type 1 or Type 1A.
  • Power Tools - cords not cut, plug ends not exposed, GFI protected, saw guards working.
  • Hard Hats - especially for anyone working below someone else.
  • Job site clutter - Is the clutter sufficient to create a hazard to workers?   Keep it clean.
  • Eye protection when using a saw - Safety glasses a must. All affiliates must have them. It’s wise for all Care-A-Vanners to keep their own pair.

If we keep our eyes open for these items we’ll go a long way toward making our job sites safer.

Don Harte, HFH International’s Safety Officer, sent me a Safety Checklist.  It evaluates jobsite safety in much more detail similar to what OSHA may review.  Even though some of the terms may not be familiar, you can see the role which safety plays in the overall HFH jobsite work. If you would like a copy of the checklist you can email me at or Mary Vandeveld at