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Speakers Bureau member bios


Jonathan T. M. Reckford, chief executive officer
(Very limited availability)
Jonathan T.M. Reckford brings to his role as chief executive officer of Habitat for Humanity International a passion for serving those in need and the business skills required to lead an effective international nonprofit organization.

Mr. Reckford’s biography

Larry Gluth, senior vice president, U.S. and Canada Area Office
(Very limited availability)
Larry Gluth’s first assignment as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity was simple, but essential: Bring coffee, and lots of it. The senior vice president, U.S. and Canada area office, was working as an executive for Starbucks when he was asked to provide coffee for a 20-house blitz build.

Mr. Gluth’s biography

Dave McMurtry, senior vice president, Strategy
Dave McMurtry spent much of the past 15 years building technology companies whose products are used regularly by millions around the world. The senior vice president of Strategy also serves as the executive sponsor of the five-year strategic plan, now under development, for Habitat’s operations worldwide. 

Mr. McMurtry’s biography

Ken Klein, chair, board of directors, Habitat for Humanity Int’l
Ken Klein’s 40 years in the building, remodeling and development business was the perfect platform for developing a passion and commitment to Habitat for Humanity — as both volunteer and leader.

Mr. Klein’s biography

Dr. Thomas Laird (Tom) Jones, ambassador-at-large
After serving as vice president and founding managing director of Habitat for Humanity International’s Washington office from 1991 to 2005, Dr. Tom Jones was named Habitat’s ambassador-at-large in the office of the CEO in 2005.

Dr. Jones’s biography

Liz Blake, senior vice president, Government Affairs, Advocacy and General Counsel
Before joining Habitat’s senior leadership team in 2006, Liz Blake had a distinguished career practicing law in both private and corporate settings.

Ms. Blake’s biography

Connie Steward, senior vice president, Human Resources, Learning Systems and Organizational Development
Connie Steward leads the human resources and learning functions for staff of Habitat for Humanity International and leaders of affiliated organizations. Connie joined Habitat in 2006.

Ms. Steward’s biography

David Malutinok, senior director, International Finance
David Malutinok spent the first dozen years of his career in the oil and energy resources industries, focusing his efforts on strategic planning.

Mr. Maluntinok’s biography

Ed Quibell, senior vice president, Administration and chief financial officer
Ed Quibell has been senior vice president of administration, and chief financial officer at Habitat for Humanity International since February 2009, bringing his years of experience in corporate finance, business administration and general management to Habitat’s mission to end poverty housing.

Mr. Quibell’s biography

Dr. Ken Bensen, founder of first Habitat for Humanity State Support Organization
Dr. Ken Bensen is the senior development director and past president of Habitat for Humanity of Michigan.

Dr. Bensen’s biography

Mike Carscaddon, executive vice president for Field Operations
Mike Carscaddon’s extensive travels with Habitat for Humanity have given him the advantage of seeing life as it is truly lived in places far removed from the typical tourist path.

Mr. Carscaddon’s biography

Steve Weir, vice president, Global Program Development and Support
Steve Weir currently serves as vice president of Global Program Development and Support. As such, he coordinates the strategic development and support of Habitat’s programs in about 80 countries in the areas of housing and human settlement, disaster response, housing finance and program design and implementation.

Mr. Weir’s biography

Tommy Prince, specialist, Learning and Organizational Development
Tommy Prince joined Habitat for Humanity International in July 2007 as a specialist in the Learning and Organizational Development department.

Mr. Prince’s biography

Joe Gatlin, director, U.S. Field Operations
Joe Gatlin supervises nine organizational development consultants, oversees the field manager for state support organizations and provides other field support for Habitat’s U.S. office. 

Mr. Gatlin’s biography