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Ah, it’s great to be an AmeriCorps

I am so excited to be welcoming you all to Dallas for the AmeriCorps Build-a-Thon 2012.
By Naomi Downs


Naomi Downs


It is our privilege to welcome 135 AmeriCorps members from 35 Habitat AmeriCorps host sites.

During this week, everyone will have the opportunity to work in the building of five stick-framed homes and six structured insulated panel homes.

I cannot wait for this event to finally take place. I feel as if we have been planning, preparing and praying for this Build-a-Thon forever. At this point, we have planned every part to the last microscopic detail.

We have prepared 11 lots, 11 slabs, 11 supply containers, 11 house plans and 11 sets of house leaders. We are praying that anything that was overlooked falls into place.

Bill Watterson, famous for his Calvin and Hobbes comics, wrote, “I have a hammer! I can put things together! I can knock thinks apart! I can alter my environment at will and make an incredible din* all the while.”

I cannot sum up my hopes for Build-a-Thon any better. We are going to have hammers. We will most definitely be putting things together. We might have to take a few things apart. We will be altering one street in one neighborhood here in Dallas in an incredible way. We will be sure to make an incredible din.

Habitat affiliates all over the world are altering the environment of sub-standard housing each in their own unique way. What each affiliate has in common is that they are creating an incredible noise in the process. Habitat is creating noise by offering zero-interest mortgages.

Habitat is creating noise by working in the harder neighborhoods. Habitat is creating noise by making green building decisions above and beyond LEED and Energy Star requirements. Habitat is creating noise by caring for a community as a whole and not just our own homeowners.

Each of us creates an incredible din with the Habitat affiliates we serve. This week, Dallas Area Habitat will alter one of our neighborhoods in a big way. Join me in making an incredible din here in Dallas, Texas that is so loud it calls out to the next generation of AmeriCorps members.

*A din is “a loud confused noise; a continued loud and tumultuous sound; a noisy clamor.

Naomi Downs is currently serving as a second-year AmeriCorps member with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity as a construction crew leader. She served her first year with the Habitat for Humanity of Wake County in Raleigh, N.C. as a construction site crew leader. Naomi is excited to welcome her fellow AmeriCorps to Dallas for the week and to serve as a house leader.