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Above and beyond

By Jayne Johnson


Vol_Above_Beyond-1.jpgCharlotte Green. Photo courtesy of Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity.


Vol_Above_Beyond-2.jpgGreen on the Women Build work site. Photo courtesy of Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity.


Charlotte Green is the only female contractor in the rural community of Farmville, Va. She holds a Class A contractor’s license and is the owner of a local construction company.

When she learned that Farmville Area Habitat was beginning its first Women Build last fall, Charlotte told Jayne Johnson, executive director, “I’d love to help on the Women Build. I can volunteer a few hours.”

Driven to fill a need and inspired by the partner family’s great work ethic, the few hours for Charlotte turned into hundreds. From early November 2011 until the home was dedicated on March 25, 2012, Charlotte volunteered more than 350 hours on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons, patiently teaching local women to build this home.

While Charlotte has volunteered her time and skill for Habitat in the Gulf a number of times, this was her first experience teaching and leading the women of Farmville in construction.

Her early career as health and physical education teacher, coupled with her 25 plus years in construction made for a perfect match with Habitat. Charlotte enjoys helping people achieve their goals, whether it is learning to cut siding, attaching OSB to floor joists or building their dream home — a Habitat home.

Farmville Area Habitat hoped to achieve a goal of 51 percent women volunteers on this build. With Charlotte’s ability to teach and lead, more than 75 percent of the volunteers on the home were women, with many returning from one week to the next. That is amazing for a local community of about 7,500 people!

Charlotte just returned from spending spring break with her teenage daughter in Alabama where they worked to repair homes devastated by recent tornados.

Charlotte and her family are active members of Johns Memorial Episcopal Church in Farmville and will be involved in the local Habitat Apostles Build, which will get underway in the next few weeks.

Jayne Johnson is the executive director of Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity.