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Habitat's work in Honduras

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Country Profile

Housing need in Honduras
Honduras is one of the poorest and least developed countries in Latin America, with nearly two-thirds of Hondurans living in poverty. Before 1998, Honduras had shown moderate economic growth as a result of government reforms. Nevertheless, after losing US$3 billion due to Hurricane Mitch, Honduras’ economy is still in the process of recovery. The agriculture sector, responsible for most exports, was the worst affected. Mitch also caused more than 6,000 deaths and left 8,085 missing and 75,000 homeless.

After the Hurricane Mitch tragedy, the housing deficit percentage increased from 63 percent in March 1998 to 66 percent in March 1999, representing an increase of 165,000 houses.



Habitat for Humanity in Honduras

Habitat for Humanity’s work in Honduras began in Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortés in the Yure River valley in 1988. Habitat Honduras is reaching more than 70 communities and over the years has served 15, 240 families. By fiscal year 2013 Habitat Honduras gave 6,251 credits and served 2,569 families.

Model projects
Habitat for Humanity Honduras supports several initiatives, in addition to traditional home construction.

Training families: This project sets the goal of giving a comprehensive training to the families who start a building process with Habitat Honduras. It teaches the families general information about Habitat’s working methodology and conditions and other concerning financial education which includes subjects such as family incomes, expenses and investments, family budget and savings.

Healthy Housing in La Mosquitia: La mosquitia is the largest humid tropical forest in America, it is located in the “Gracias a Dios” department and its name comes from the misquitos, who are an ethnic group of Central America and the Caribbean. The Mosquitia is formed by 31 villages, the goal is to facilitate adequate housing access for 30 families living in poverty.

Healthy Project of Los Lencas: “Los Lencas” are the biggest ethnic group in Honduras. The goal of the project consists in giving housing improvements, to upgrade the living and health conditions of the families. The improvements include: stoves, ceilings, dirt floors, walls, and latrines.

Political Impact Project the Access to adequate housing:  This is a strategic project of Habitat Honduras that aims to change legal frameworks, politicians, systems, practices, programs and public resources assignments. This through actions and initiatives which results are the transformation of systems and the eliminations of the barriers that prevent the access to the city and to an adequate house.

Community Development: The goal is to promote a transforming and sustainable community development, understood as a long lasting change in the community, empowering people, creating bonds and promoting leadership and continuous work. The project has achieved: motivated communities that carry actions towards development, communities concern in solving their problems and necessities, community organization and each community has elaborated their own development plan. 

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