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Lessons - Middle School

The Habitat for Humanity middle school lessons teach students across the United States about global poverty and housing issues. Using published statistics and interviews with current Habitat for Humanity families, students have a new way to learn about math, language arts and social studies, including two lessons that focus on the Central American country of Guatemala.

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Download the entire Habitat for Humanity middle school lesson set, or view the lessons individually below.

Language Arts: The benefits of homeownership
In this lesson, students will write a persuasive essay and publish it for fellow students and parents to read.

Language Arts: Interviewing a housing expert
Students learn how to conduct an interview and use the information to write an expository article.

Math: Measuring the percentage of change
Students calculate percentage change using real data on income and home prices.

Math: Who can afford a home?
This lesson challenges students to utilize pre-algebra skills to make sense of real-world housing affordability data.

Social Studies: Inequality in Latin America
Students will read about poverty in Central America (e.g., poverty in Guatemala) and research the interrelationship between health, housing, education and other economic factors. View the “Inequality in Latin America” lesson in Spanish.

Social Studies: Substandard housing in Guatemala
Students will explore how the struggles of indigenous peoples in Latin America fit into the historical context of colonialism and independence.
View the “Substandard housing in Guatemala” lesson in Spanish.

Sample voice thread for optional activity.

Read interviews of students who helped build Habitat homes in Guatemala.