House with flowers, Philippines

Key Milestones



Habitat for Humanity surpasses its 500,000-home milestone with celebrations in Kenya followed by starting on the 500,001st home in New Jersey, U.S.A. Nearly 200,000 of these homes are in the Asia-Pacific region.

Habitat for Humanity serves a record 81,399 families worldwide in the financial year to 30th June 2011, including an estimated 22,600 in the Asia-Pacific region

Habitat for Humanity Japan mobilizes volunteers to clean up and launches a community revitalization program in response the earthquake and tsunami

Habitat for Humanity launches MicroBuild India Fund, a joint venture housing finance company to provide funds to partners to offer shelter-related loans to more than 60,000 low-income families over the next five years.

The third Asia-Pacific Housing Forum in Bangkok, Thailand, focuses on sustainable housing in an era of climate change.


By year’s end, Habitat for Humanity has helped thousands of earthquake-stricken families in Haiti by distributing 21,000 emergency shelter kits and over 1,000 transitional or upgradeable shelters. The five-year goal is to assist 50,000 families.

Habitat for Humanity surpasses its 400,000-home milestone: doubling the number of families served in just five years. One quarter of these homes are in the Asia-Pacific region.

Habitat for Humanity serves a record 74,960 families worldwide in the financial year to 30th June 2010, including a record 29,600 in the Asia-Pacific region.

Habitat launches the “World of Hope: It Starts at Home” global capital campaign.

Mongolia’s “Blue Sky Build” and Nepal’s “Everest Build” attract hundreds of local and overseas volunteers for week-long “blitz builds”.

New Zealand volunteers help to build 90 homes in tsunami-hit Samoa.

Volunteers build and improve homes in six cities across the USA in the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project.


Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project takes place in five Mekong countries Thailand, Laos, China, Cambodia and Vietnam.

In the space of six weeks, Habitat responds to two earthquakes in Indonesia, a tsunami which hit Samoa, flooding in India, and the aftermath of typhoons that ripped across Philippines, Vietnam.

Habitat for Humanity co-hosts the second Asia-Pacific Housing Forum, in Manila, Philippines.

Founder Millard Fuller dies after a brief illness. He was 74.

Habitat publishes Emerging Stronger a report on its ongoing work rebuilding lives five years after the Indian Ocean tsunami.


Habitat responds to earthquake in southwestern China and cyclone in Myanmar.

Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project held in Gulf Coast, USA.

Habitat’s 300,000th house scheduled to be dedicated: an estimated 1.5 million people have foundations for better lives thanks to Habitat for Humanity.

Sri Lanka scheduled to marks its 10,000th house milestone.

Habitat for Humanity marks 25 years of building homes in the Asia-Pacific region with celebrations in Khammam, India, where Habitat launched its first Asia-Pacific pilot program.


Habitat publishes its first report mapping the state of poverty housing in Asia-Pacific region.

Habitat tsunami-rebuilding program celebrates assisting 2,000th family in Sri Lanka and 1,500th families in west coast of Aceh, Indonesia.

Habitat raises the walls for the 1,000th and 1,001st homes to help people affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on the US Gulf coast.

Jimmy Carter Work Project takes place in October in Los Angeles, California, USA.


Habitat’s China and Hong Kong operations merge to become Habitat for Humanity China.

Habitat helps reconstruction efforts for earthquake victims in Pakistan and Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Bangladesh and Mongolia each celebrate their 500th house.

Jimmy Carter Work Project, signature event for IndiaBUILDS, held in October in Lonavala, near Mumbai, India. More than 1,500 international and local volunteers build 100 houses.

Nepal marks its 1,500th house milestone.

HFHI opens an administrative headquarters in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


Habitat for Humanity to dedicate its 200,000th house in Tennessee, USA, and twenty minutes later, its 200,001st house in Kanyakumari, India. Some one million people will be living in Habitat houses worldwide.

Habitat mobilizes resources and supporters to start rebuilding homes and communities shattered by the Indian Ocean tsunami, hurricanes in the USA, and the earthquake in Pakistan. Jimmy Carter Work Project is held in multiple sites around Michigan, USA.

Founder Millard Fuller and his wife Linda step down from the organization


Habitat India builds its 9,000th house, the Philippines passes the 7,300-house mark, Sri Lanka passes the 3,200-house mark and the 1,100th home is built in Papua New Guinea. Habitat for Humanity Asia-Pacific mortgage loan portfolio reaches more than US$19 million.

Jimmy Carter Work Project is held in Puebla and Veracruz, Mexico, in October.


Former US President Jimmy Carter and former Zambia President Kenneth David Kaunda attend grand opening of HFHI Global Village & Discovery Visitor Center in Americus, Georgia, USA.

Habitat’s 150,000th house built in Romania.


Habitat’s 100,000th house is dedicated in September in New York City.


Habitat’s 80,000th house dedicated in Mexico City.


HFHI headquarters moves to a fully renovated three-story complex at 322 West Lamar Street in downtown Americus, Georgia, USA.

Building on Faith Week is introduced as an annual celebration of Church partnerships.


The 30,000th Habitat house built worldwide is dedicated in Americus, Georgia, USA.


The 20,000th Habitat house built worldwide is dedicated in Americus, Georgia, USA.

The Church Relations program formed.

The Entebbe Initiative is begun and affiliates around the world are expected to tithe on the funds raised locally.


US President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore work on a Habitat for Humanity house in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


Hurricane Hugo hits South Carolina, USA; all Habitat homes in the state survive the storm.


The Global Village and Corporate Donor departments established.

The first affiliate opens in Australia.


HFHI headquarters moves to 121 Habitat Street in Americus, Georgia, USA

HFHI’s Campus Chapters program begins with the first chapter at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, USA.


Former US President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, become Habitat partners and the first Jimmy Carter Work Project is held in New York City, USA.


HFHI declares the third Sunday in September as the first International Day of Prayer and Action for Human Habitat.

Operations begin in the Asia-Pacific region with a pilot program in India.


HFHI headquarters moves from Millard Fuller’s law office to a renovated house next door; the first Habitat house in Americus is built.


Habitat for Humanity International founded in Americus, Georgia, USA, by Millard Fuller and his wife Linda; in September, construction begins on House No. 1 in San Antonio, Texas, Habitat’s first affiliate.