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A commitment to affordable homes and energy

Home is the Key partner Schneider Electric has worked with Habitat for Humanity for 17 years, during which they have committed over $7.5 million.

“Throughout its history, Schneider Electric has demonstrated a commitment to making affordable access to energy a matter of conscience and action,” says Ted Klee, Schneider Electric’s senior vice president of global supply chain, North America.

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“Our partnership with Habitat for Humanity is directly tied to our ‘Life Is On’ mission, helping us to ensure safe and sustainable energy is everywhere and available to everyone in every home.” 

Since 2000, Schneider Electric has donated electrical equipment valued at $36.7 million to help reduce the costs to build Habitat homes.

Schneider equipment

Home is the Key

Habitat Humanitarians Jonathan and Drew Scott joined our nationwide Home is the Key campaign, along with sponsors and community leaders, to unlock futures and change lives.

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