Long-term disaster recovery volunteer information

Thank you for your interest in helping Habitat’s long-term disaster recovery efforts. Whenever a disaster occurs, Habitat for Humanity is on the ground from the beginning to help families work through damage assessments, inspections, insurance and FEMA claims. While not as visible as other aspects of our work, those activities are vital to help families on the road to recovery.

Recovery efforts for hurricanes start after initial response and assessment is complete. Please check back periodically and opportunities will be added as available.

Initial responses occur at the local level and are directed by the local Habitat organization. When the decision to accept outside volunteers is made, the local Habitat offices in each area will decide how many volunteers are needed, the dates available and the process for scheduling volunteers. The needs of each community are different and the number of volunteer opportunities may vary.

We hope that your enthusiasm and interest in helping affected families stay long after the first few weeks after a disaster as volunteers will be critically needed throughout the recovery phase. The need and opportunities for outside volunteers may not begin until six to 12 months after the event and can last up to three years. 

The recovery of the affected areas will take time, but with the help of volunteers like you, residents will continue to build strength, stability and self-reliance in their communities.

View our current long-term disaster recovery projects ready for volunteers.