Shaping the young leaders of Habitat

After mobilizing more than 6 million young people over six successive campaigns, Habitat for Humanity’s Young Leaders Build is set to take Asia-Pacific youth engagement to the next level through a new leadership training program.

“We used to say ‘today’s builders, tomorrow’s leaders,’ but youth really are today’s leaders in building and today’s leaders in communities,” says Rick Hathaway, Habitat’s Asia-Pacific vice president. “What we’re pioneering now is an effort to equip youth with more leadership opportunities.”

Habitat’s Young Leaders Build helps shape the next generation in Asia-Pacific

In partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership, a global leadership development organization headquartered in North Carolina, Habitat Asia-Pacific is creating a leadership toolkit with resources that include tools to deepen understanding of Habitat’s mission, instruction on how to develop leadership skills, and training on how to design and implement projects that contribute to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

The program has piloted in India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore and will officially be rolled out across seven countries in the Asia-Pacific region in late 2017.