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Celebrating 30 years of Global Village

For 30 years, the Global Village program has helped expand the far-reaching, worldwide impact of Habitat’s work by empowering volunteers to build and improve homes alongside families in over 30 nations across the globe.

Through this program, volunteers can cultivate a relationship with homeowner families that goes beyond the homes they build together – they share mutual joy, experiences and hope for the future.

“These groups aren’t just building a house, they’re helping a family build a future full of birthday parties, quinceañeras and weddings that will all occur in that house,” says Luis Madrid, national volunteer coordinator for Habitat for Humanity Honduras.

Across Habitat as a whole, volunteers have contributed to more than 9 million hours volunteering on build sites, community projects, Habitat ReStores or advocating for Habitat’s mission. Their passion for access to affordable housing has touched the lives of millions of families and, likewise, these families have touched the lives of those who worked with them. This sentiment is at the core of the Global Village mission.

“Many people go thinking they’re giving, but they return from their trip realizing they’ve actually received more,” says Karen Foreman, founder of the Global Village program and director of institutional development in Habitat’s Latin America and the Caribbean area office. “All of these pieces of promoting dignity, hope and transformative development that make up Habitat’s mission principles can be found in the Global Village experience.”

Discover our growth and impact over the years as we celebrate 30 years of Global Village.

Q&A with Global Village’s founder

In 1989, Karen Foreman pioneered the Global Village program and began shaping it into the success that it is today. Now, she looks back on her experiences with the program and looks forward to how these efforts will continue to grow.

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How Global Village has grown throughout the years

Luis Madrid, national volunteer coordinator for Habitat for Humanity Honduras, says he “feels like the Betty White of the Global Village program,” having had the opportunity to watch the program evolve throughout the 16 years he’s been with Habitat.

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The long-lasting impact of Global Village

Husband and wife Nick and Val are veteran Global Village team leaders, having co-led over 30 teams together. Throughout their journey, they’ve witnessed many volunteers and communities experience the transformative effects of a Global Village trip.

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Global Village

Take a volunteer trip while immersing yourself in a new culture. Habitat for Humanity offers you opportunities to build homes and experience vibrant cultures in nearly 30 countries with our Global Village program.

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