Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide Global Village partnership

Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide works in close partnership with the Global Village program. Global Village has been successfully sending volunteer teams around the world for 25 years. Our partnership provides the most efficient service for you as you plan your trip.

Most of the information provided to our team leaders is the same as that given to Global Village team leaders, including the trip calendar and country profile information.

About the partnership

Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide brings together the financial, volunteer and advocacy resources of Thrivent Financial with the affordable-housing construction leadership of Habitat for Humanity.

To date, this integrated effort has engaged more than 620,000 volunteers contributing more than 4.4 million volunteer hours constructing, repairing or renovating homes in the U.S. and around the world.

Your opportunity to help communities thrive

Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide trips can take you across the country or halfway around the world. It can lead you to a family in need of simple, decent housing and give you the chance to change lives – including your own.  

Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide works in close partnership with Habitat’s Global Village program to provide you with the most efficient service as you plan your trip. Global Village has been successfully sending volunteer teams around the world for more than 25 years.

Join or lead a Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide trip

Trip costs

Thrivent Financial benefit members receive funding support for trip costs.

Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide team leader

As a Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide team leader, you have the opportunity to:

  • Lead your team on a trip to another state or country.
  • Experience a different culture.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Develop relationships with homeowners and other volunteers.
  • See firsthand the power of your membership in action as you build hope by building homes.
  • Be the catalyst to help others experience a life-changing trip!

Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide Premier Destinations

Explore additional trip options designed through Thrivent Financial’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

All are welcome on Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide teams. Thrivent benefit members are eligible for special trip pricing.

  • Standard trip pricing, itineraries and budgets.
  • Destinations include:
    • Dominican Republic: Despite the beautiful beaches, mountains and people, many Dominicans live in houses made of tejamanil (a mixture of soil and manure), wood or even empty oil drums. Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic focuses on creating and increasing opportunities for low-income families to access adequate housing.

Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide Destination of Choice trips

  • Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide Destination of Choice trips give you flexibility in choosing a location for your team from a catalog of options.
  • Standard budgets, itineraries and price ranges.
  • For Thrivent Financial benefit members, the trip cost for a Destination of Choice trip is $300 less for U.S. trips and $500 less for trips outside of the United States — it’s a benefit of membership. Team members should verify eligibility to find out whether they qualify for this benefit of Thrivent Financial membership and work with the Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide staff to finalize member and nonmember trip costs.

Proposal process

Please follow the Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide proposal process

Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide trip resources

In addition to the Global Village Team Leader Resources and Global Village Volunteer Resources, there are other resources designed specifically to help you recruit team members, raise funds and build awareness for your Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide trip.