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Global Village trip leader resources

As a Global Village team leader, you don’t just help improve the world – you help your teams reflect and reimagine themselves. Whether you are taking out your first team or your 40th, we’ve gathered resources to help you answer volunteers’ questions and plan a life-changing trip.


Team leader guides and training


Training and workshops

Team leader training presentations



Global Village policies and procedures

  • Orientation handbook [PDF]
    Your guide to the ins and outs of volunteering with Global Village.
  • Payments [PDF]
    Find out when, where and how to pay. Also learn about tax deductibility and refunds.
  • Minors
    Have an applicant under 18? Find out who can travel with a GV team.
  • Cancellations
    We hope your volunteers won’t have to cancel, but if they do, here’s what they need to know.
  • Travel medical insurance coverage
    Our first priority is your safety, so each Global Village volunteer is covered by excellent insurance. Learn what’s included.

Other resources

  • Volunteer resources
    Find fundraising resources, travel information and other helpful resources for Global Village volunteers.