Trinidad and Tobago beach

Trinidad and Tobago

Travel to Trinidad and Tobago and help Habitat build homes for families in need of safe, decent and affordable shelter.

Community development

Volunteer with a holistic development project that builds decent housing as well as economic growth and communal resources.

9 days

Trip cost: US$1,930

This team will stay in or near Port of Spain, Trinidad’s bustling capital city. As you build with the family, you’ll be welcomed into the community. Eat traditional food, influenced heavily by Indian, African and Creole cuisine, and meet the neighbors whose community you’re helping to improve; explore local sights and experience the harmonious cultural diversity of this island nation. This trip is a unique opportunity to experience life inside the culture.

Program donation and fundraising: US$1,930

About half of the trip cost is a direct contribution to Habitat’s work, and the rest covers your volunteer experience. You may fundraise or give the program donation. Fundraising is as easy as telling your friends, family and coworkers about why you build with Habitat for Humanity. They may even ask to join the team! We set you up with a great website and coaching for success.

Champion volunteers set a fundraising goal over the minimum. Every donation you raise keeps Habitat building after your team returns home and helps us serve another family.


  • Day 1, Traveling: Arrive at Port of Spain airport where your team leader will greet you and take you to meet your teammates over dinner.
  • Day 2, Orientation: Habitat staff will orient you to our work in Trinidad and Tobago and introduce you to the community in which you’ll work.
  • Days 3-7, Build: Work with local, skilled construction leaders. After work, the team will have time for excursions, rest and reflection meetings
  • Day 8, Explore: Spend the day in Tobago, then enjoy a final team dinner.
  • Day 9, Goodbyes: Depart for home or independently continue your travel.

Meals and accommodations

Teams stay at modest, comfortable hotels, two to four people per room. Enjoy a variety of cuisine prepared by locals.

Tasks on the work site

International volunteers may work in all stages of steel frame home construction. Regardless of what stage the house is in when the team arrives, responsibilities will likely include carrying materials, digging, securing cement siding and painting.

What’s next?

Apply now! We will connect you with a team leader within two business days. The team leader will tell you more about the build and learn about you. After speaking with the team leader, donate or fundraise your deposit to secure your spot on the team. The team leader will help you prepare and lead you during the trip.

Have questions? Your team leaders, Amanda Shenk and Charles Buracker, would love to tell you more about the trip! Email Amanda at

One of Amanda’s favorite memories as a Global Village team leader: “In Sri Lanka we were digging a well for a homeowner with a small bowl, a mattock and a tall ladder. It was so hot and humid and I was not looking forward to day two of well digging. That morning, however, seeing my team members so full of enthusiasm and the homeowners so grateful for our manpower, my attitude immediately brightened. It’s amazing what you can accomplish as a team!”

Why Charlie became a Global Village team leader: “I became a GV team leader as a result of my first GV trip to Costa Rica. The house was for a single mother with three kids and each morning before school the 11-year-old daughter would start the day mixing mortar with her little hands just for us. She really wanted a home where she didn’t have to sleep on the dirt floor. That’s when I knew I wanted to be part of Habitat – to be a part of something bigger.”

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