Santa Fe, Argentina

Home construction - Santa Fe, Argentina

Join a Global Village team that is committed to building more than homes in Santa Fe.

Every community has its share of unique challenges. In Santa Fe, many semi-urban communities’ lack adequate housing and basic infrastructure, but Habitat for Humanity Argentina is partnering with them to provide holistic solutions.

  • Build a foundational “seed” house for a partner family. Through a microfinance program, the family will continue to expand the house after your team heads home.
  • Learn how Habitat Argentina is strengthening the abilities and resources of marginalized communities. You will learn about Argentine culture and Habitat’s work from its national director and staff.
  • Volunteer alongside a community partner. Habitat Argentina works to empower entire communities, so you will join them and their partners for a community service project.

Global Village sends volunteers to build with Habitat for Humanity projects across the world. Get your hands dirty on the work site, meet families whose housing situations have been improved with Habitat’s help, experience the area like an insider and do it all alongside a team of like-minded volunteers. No experience is required! This build is your next step with Habitat to make the world a better place.

Program donation and fundraising


You may fundraise or give the program donation. Fundraising is as easy as telling your friends, family and co-workers about why you build with Habitat for Humanity. They may even ask to join the team! We set you up with a great website and coaching for success.

Consider setting a fundraising goal over the minimum. Every donation you raise keeps Habitat building after your team returns home and helps us serve another family.


  • Day 1: Recommended departure day from the U.S.
  • Day 2: After you arrive, Habitat Argentina staff will meet you at the airport and take you to lodging in Buenos Aires.  We’ll take a tour of Buenos Aires and sample some local cuisine. 
  • Day 3: Travel to project location in Santa Fe. 
  • Day 4: After enjoying a traditional breakfast at the Habitat Argentina office, we will have orientation with staff and the National Director. Then the team will begin building.
  • Days 5-8: Building days with Habitat Argentina and partner families. One evening we will enjoy the joys of traditional food, folklore, and dancing.
  • Day 9: We will meet local partners who are meeting the needs of the community we are building in and then team up to work on a community service project. Then we will relax and barbecue with our partner families and Habitat Argentina staff before traveling back to Buenos Aires.
  • Day 10: Continue your travels in Argentina independently or travel back home.

Meals and accommodations

Teams stay at modest, comfortable hostels. Enjoy typical Argentinian meals prepared by locals, including your partner families.

Tasks on the work site

Typical work for a Global Village team may include digging foundation, framing walls, mixing cement, painting, carrying construction materials and other tasks assigned by the expert construction crew.

After your team leaves

To meet the rising demand of adequate housing in urban and semi-urban areas, Habitat Argentina developed a project that creates innovative housing solutions for partner families and their communities. The Developing Neighborhoods Project identifies families that qualify for a seed house – a sound, foundational structure, and gives them the tools and skills they need to eventually expand the house. Habitat Argentina also facilitates community partnerships to collectively improve community livability.

Global Village volunteers have the opportunity to work within the context of Habitat Argentina’s work to help construct a seed house for a family. Learn more about their neighborhood development work.

What’s next?

Apply now.

We will connect you with a team leader within two business days. The team leader will tell you more about the build and learn about you. After speaking with the team leader, donate or fundraise your deposit to secure your spot on the team. The team leader will help you prepare and lead you during the trip.

Have a question?

Your team leader, Amy Miyawaki, would love to tell you more about trip! Email Amy at

Amy’s favorite Global Village memory: “Bali was my first build with Habitat. I was hooked. I had no idea what to expect, none of us did. In that first day we went from strangers to friends. We carried cinder blocks from the side of the road. We mixed concrete. We built a house. We gave a family a home. Last year we again built in Bali. We got a chance to drive by the house we built and so many other Habitat Houses. It was amazing to see how many families have been helped by Habitat.”