Myanmar volunteer trip

Bago, Myanmar

Healthy homes

Upgrade existing houses with smokeless stoves, water filtration systems, new bathrooms and more.

12 days

Trip cost: US$1,990

Travel to Myanmar to provide homeowners strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. One in four residents in Myanmar are living below the poverty line and most live in rural areas which are affected by civil conflict and natural disasters.

Since January 2014, Habitat for Humanity, along with World Concern, has been working in 11 villages to improve access to water and sanitation facilities through wells, water point and latrines. Local communities are involved in raising personal hygiene standards and have constructed cyclone shelters to reduce the risks from future disasters. In addition, they are building simple, healthy, affordable houses out of treated bamboo. Team members will help build these structures as well as other tasks as needed.

Learn and experience the culture and life in Myanmar as you immerse yourself as your work alongside a future homeowner. You’ll stay double occupancy in a modest, comfortable hotel. Enjoy breakfast and dinner at the hotel or local restaurants and lunch on the build site.


  • Thursday and Friday: Travel. Grab your packed bags and head for Myanmar.
  • Saturday: Arrive. Land at Yangon International Airport where you’ll be greeted by Habitat staff. Enjoy meeting the rest of your team over dinner.
  • Sunday: Learn. Travel to Bago and enjoy some time to explore the area. You’ll learn more about Habitat’s work in the region and be introduced to the week’s project.
  • Monday-Friday: Build. Work on the build site with scheduled breaks for snacks and lunch. In the evenings, they’ll be time to explore the local community, reflect as a group and enjoy authentic local cuisine over dinner.
  • Saturday: Explore. Take a break from the build site and learn more about Myanmar’s culture.
  • Sunday: Celebrate. Work until noon and have lunch on the work site. Before departing, celebrate the week’s successes with homeowners, the community and Habitat staff.
  • Monday: Goodbyes. Depart for home or continue your journey in Myanmar independently.

Leading this team

Leslie and Bob Bell will lead this team to Myanmar and would love to tell you more about the experience!

When asked to reflect on their past Global Village experiences, Leslie and Bob shared, “My memories are always of the children - pushing them in wheelbarrows around the site of their future house, drawing a finger puppet on their thumbs, walking hand in hand down a dusty path. It’s why we do what we do. It’s our way of creating a more peaceful world for our own granddaughter. There is little justice for children living in poverty, and where there is no justice, there cannot be peace. We can make a difference in their lives today for a better world tomorrow.”

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