Hawaii volunteer trip

Maui, Hawaii

Home construction

Help build new homes with those in need.

8 days

Trip cost: US$1,565

When you join this trip, you’ll visit one of the most beautiful destinations in the United States and help a family obtain a safe, decent and affordable home.

On this trip, you’ll spend a busy week working on new home construction or a critical home repair. Work may involve framing, siding installation, flooring, installing cabinets, painting and more!

You’ll dine on authentic Hawaiian food, visit the royal Kō’ie’ie Fishpond restoration project for a day of cultural learning and working, and discover firsthand the beauty of Hawaii’s beaches. Your group will stay together at a local church and dine out a local restaurants or cook meals together with free time in the evenings.

Join this trip if you want to serve families in an area facing one of the most severe shortages of affordable housing access in the United States. You’ll be immersed in Hawaiian culture and learn how tourism and a high cost of living are barriers to homeowners achieving strength, stability and independence in Maui.


  • Sunday: Arrive. Join us in Maui, Hawaii where you’ll meet up with your team. You’ll meet Habitat’s staff and learn more about our work in the area while enjoying a delicious welcome meal.
  • Monday and Tuesday: Build. The team will start construction actibities, stopping for breaks and lunch each day. Excursions, rest and reflection time to follow in the evenings.
  • Wednesday: Explore. Discover all that the island has to offer with a day off from build activities.
  • Thursday: Build. Help with the restoration of a local, traditional fish pond.
  • Friday and Saturday: Build. Return to the build site. Excursions, rest and reflection time to follow in the evenings with a farewell team dinner Saturday night.
  • Sunday: Goodbyes. Continue your journey in Maui independently or head home.

Leading this team

Hugh Robinson is leading this trip and would love to tell you more about the experience!

When asked why he’s excited to lead this team, Hugh shared, “I spent 34 years in the education profession, helping young adults to understand that learning is found in many forms, not just textbooks. Life experiences, like traveling to far off places, helps shape you into an individual that can empathize with the situation of others.”

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