Thailand volunteer trip

Chiang Mai, Thailand

April 18-27, 2019: Join this trip to Thailand and work with the locals to build a better future through safe, affordable housing!

Home construction

Help build new homes with those in need.

10 days

Trip cost: US$1,990

Many families are forced to pay high rents, piece together makeshift shelters or move into already overcrowded areas lacking sanitation facilities and a healthy home environment.

With 16 percent of the population living below the national poverty line, houses are often built improperly with limited resources, resulting in unsafe, unhygienic living conditions. Habitat for Humanity Thailand partners with future homeowners and the community to build family-friendly, one-story homes with separate living areas, a toilet and a washing area.

You’ll be staying in double-occupancy rooms at a nearby hotel where breakfast and dinner will be provided. Lunches will be served on the build site. Work site tasks typically include mixing cement, moving dirt, filling in the ground beam, laying bricks, cementing the floor or digging septic tank holes. Off the build site you’ll have the opportunity to experience the mountainous landscape, visit Lanna-styled temples, attend a Thai cooking class or interact with the community through local school and orphanage visits!


  • Thursday-Friday: Travel. Grab your packed bags and head towards Thailand!
  • Saturday: Welcome. Land at Chiang Mai where Habitat staff will greet you when you arrive and take you to meet your team. You’ll enjoy a welcome dinner with your fellow volunteers and learn more about Habitat’s work in the area.
  • Sunday: Explore. Experience the local culture with a visit to a nearby temple, markets and restaurants.
  • Monday-Thursday: Build. Serve on the build site and enjoy free time, reflection and team activities in the evenings.
  • Friday: Celebrate. Spend part of the day on the build site and enjoy a dedication ceremony to close out the week.
  • Saturday: Goodbyes. Your journey in Thailand may continue independently, or you may depart for home.

Leading this team

Jim has been a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity since 1999. He has had the privilege of participating in three Global Village projects and 11 with the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project, in addition to building with his local affiliate. Jim will participate in two more Global Village builds in Thailand in November 2018. 

Global Village teams help make positive and meaningful changes in the lives of those who are in need of a decent place to live. Jim is a team leader and a working volunteer on the team. He assists his teams with safety on the job site and respecting the environment that they work in. He has spent a fair amount of time in Thailand, and it's in the villages, he believes, that you can contribute and learn the most. Though Thailand can be a long way from home, Jim’s goal is to help you have a meaningful and rewarding Global Village build!

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