Portugal volunteer trip

Braga, Portugal

Critical home improvement

Improve existing shelters to make them safe, decent places to live.

10 days

Trip cost: US$1,770

Travel to Braga, Portugal, to learn how homeowners are achieving strength, stability and self-reliance through microfinance initiatives. Many Portuguese families live in homes that are overcrowded and often lack electricity, proper sanitation or running water. 

You’ll stay in a modest, comfortable hotel with double-occupancy rooms and experience an authentic taste of Portuguese cuisine by dining at local restaurants for lunch and dinner each day. Your trip will immerse you in the community’s culture through the exploration of local museums and city sites. 

Join this trip if you’d like to see firsthand how Habitat impacts homeowners through rehabilitation efforts. You’ll spend six entire days on the build site getting your hands dirty with demolition efforts, bending rebar, laying bricks or painting.


  • Saturday: Travel. Grab your packed bags and depart for Portugal!
  • Sunday: Arrive. Join us in Porto, Portugal, where you’ll meet up with your team and travel together to Braga. You’ll meet Habitat’s staff and learn more about our work in the area. Later you’ll enjoy dinner at a local restaurant.
  • Monday-Saturday: Build. The team will jump in with renovation construction activities stopping for breaks and lunch each day. The team will have time for excursions, rest and reflection meetings in the evenings.
  • Sunday: Explore. Travel back to Porto, explore the area and share a final meal with your team.
  • Monday: Goodbyes. Continue your journey in Portugal independently or head home.

Leading this team

Yelena Vinokur will lead this team to Portugal and would love to tell you more about the experience!

When asked why she enjoys leading Global Village trips, Yelena shared, "All eight of my previous Habitat builds were as different as the communities we worked with, but the shared theme – working daily alongside the home partners and interacting with the children – made each trip uniquely memorable and special."

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