South Africa volunteer trip

Umgababa, South Africa

Vulnerable populations

Bring stability and opportunity to orphans, vulnerable children and other people experiencing extreme difficulties.

10 days

Trip cost: US$2,465

On this Global Village trip, you’ll travel to Umgababa, a rural community in South Africa, where you'll build alongside future homeowners to build strength and stability. 

Your team will serve in KwaZulu-Natal, a community where residents reside in mud structures that are unsafe and unhealthy to live in. By partnering with the local government, community and construction organizations, Habitat South Africa supports Umgababa as they still recover from apartheid-era effects.

Throughout the day, you'll work hard on the build site moving and laying blocks, mixing cement and smoothing walls in order to build a safe, decent shelter for residents in this community. In the afternoons and weekends, you'll explore local sites, reflect on the week's experience with your team and become immersed in the daily life of the village. You’ll stay two or three to a room in a local hotel with private bathrooms. 


  • Thursday: Travel. Grab your packed bags and depart for South Africa!
  • Friday: Welcome. Join us in South Africa where you’ll be greeted by a Habitat representative and meet the rest of your team.
  • Saturday: Learn. Discover more about how Habitat is bringing strength, stability and self-reliance to families in South Africa.
  • Sunday-Thursday: Build. Enjoy breakfast at the lodge each morning before departing for the build site. Mix cement, build walls, bend rebar and assist the local masons to build a new home. The team will have time for excursions, rest and reflection meetings in the evenings.
  • Friday: Explore. Visit local sites and enjoy a farewell dinner with the rest of the team.
  • Saturday: Goodbyes. Continue your journey in South Africa independently or head home.

Leading this team

John Dickerson is leading this team to South Africa and would love to tell you more about the experience!

When asked why he's eager to lead another trip, John shared, "My favorite part of Global Village trips are watching a diverse group of volunteers work together to accomplish more than they thought possible and learn a little about themselves along the way."

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