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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Dec. 12-21, 2019: Join this trip and help build safe, affordable housing while immersing yourself in a rich culture.

Home construction

Help build new homes with those in need.

10 days

Trip cost: US$1,975

Help build family-friendly, one-story homes on this Global Village trip to Thailand.

With 16 percent of the population living below the national poverty line, houses are often built improperly with limited resources, resulting in unsafe, unhygienic living conditions. Habitat for Humanity Thailand partners with future homeowners and the community to build family-friendly, one-story homes with separate living areas, a toilet and washing area.

You’ll be staying in double-occupancy rooms at a nearby hotel where breakfast and dinner will be provided. Lunches will be served on the build site. Work site tasks typically include mixing cement, moving dirt and filling in the ground beam, laying bricks, cementing the floor or digging septic tank holes. Off the build site, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the mountainous landscape, visit Lanna-style temples, attend a Thai cooking class or interact with the community through local school and orphanage visits!


  • Thursday-Friday: Travel. Grab your packed bags and head towards Thailand!
  • Saturday: Welcome. Land at Chiang Mai where Habitat staff will greet you when you arrive and take you to meet your team. You’ll enjoy a welcome dinner with your fellow volunteers and learn more about Habitat’s work in the area.
  • Sunday: Explore. Experience the local culture with a visit to nearby temples, markets and restaurants.
  • Monday-Thursday: Build. Serve on the build site and enjoy free time, reflection and team activities in the evenings.
  • Friday: Celebrate. Spend part of the day on the build site and enjoy a dedication ceremony to close out the week.
  • Saturday: Goodbyes. Your journey in Thailand may continue independently, or you may depart for home.

Leading this team

Carol Martin has been leading Global Village teams since 2012. She enjoys open teams because she’s found that the serendipitous combination of strangers, with their varied ages, cultural backgrounds and experiences (the more diverse the better), bring an extra richness to the experience. She’s repeatedly seen people take away new friendships, new respect for the common humanity found in the different cultures and a deeper understanding of how they fit into the big picture.

Carol puts extensive effort into the planning process for each team -- researching current events and key socioeconomic/political issues affecting the community and sharing them with the team. She encourages team interactions long before the in-country rendezvous through frequent team communication and the sharing of travel tips within the team. Carol’s readily accessible and responsive to any and all issues, working with individuals to problem solve and following up to confirm resolution. The richness of the open team experience depends heavily on the volunteer expectations and insights gained from the experience. Each day of the trip, the entire team will gather for important announcements and to process experiences for the purpose of building understanding of diverse cultures, as well as a house. Team and community participants can expect to come away with a broader and richer understanding of each other that will span borders and generations.

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