Romanian homeowner family

Berceni, Romania

April 4-13, 2020: Discover daily life in a foreign country by immersing yourself in a new culture.

Home construction

Help build new homes with those in need.

10 days

Trip cost: US$1,990

Join this trip to Romania and experience a new culture while working with the local community to build safe, affordable housing.

Roughly 5.5 million people are in need of renovations for their homes in Romania. Without access to the proper knowledge and resources, 58% of the population is left living in overcrowded conditions, and 42.5% live in houses that lack a bath and toilet with running water. Romanian families partner with Habitat for Humanity Romania to build safe, affordable housing and improve their families lives.

You’ll be staying in double-occupancy rooms at a nearby hotel where breakfast and dinner will be provided. Lunches will be served on the build site. Work site tasks typically include digging foundations, making and pouring concrete, building frames and roof trusses, raising walls, sanding, exterior plastering or painting. Off the build site, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the area, learn more about the culture and interact with the local community.


  • Saturday: Welcome. Join us in Bucharest where you’ll meet up with your team and spend your first night.
  • Sunday: Learn. Spend the morning exploring Bucharest before meeting Habitat’s staff and travel together to Berceni. Learn more about Habitat’s work in the area and enjoy dinner at a local restaurant.
  • Monday-Friday: Build. Spend the day on the build site, breaking for lunch, snacks and water throughout the day. You’ll have free time and team activities in the evenings.
  • Saturday: Celebrate. Spend the morning working on the build site followed by a farewell ceremony in the afternoon celebrating the week’s accomplishments.
  • Sunday: Explore. Explore the area and share a final meal with your team before traveling back to Bucharest.
  • Monday: Goodbyes. Continue your journey in Romania independently or head home.

Please note that while our itineraries begin with arrival day in country, some locations require additional days for travel.

Leading this team

As a team leader, Sully sets the stage ahead of time with the help of her coordinators so her team members can enjoy their experience without worrying about issues that may arise. She handles situations and team leader duties behind the scenes and blends in with the other volunteers during other tasks. While she’s often aware of what is needed throughout a trip, she’s able to step in without being too authoritative.

Sully puts herself in other volunteers’ shoes and thinks about what experiences are important to new and returning volunteers. She likes to include volunteers by asking them for their input on decisions about the team.

These trips are a wonderful cross-cultural experience that bring Sully a sense of community and hope. Having the opportunity to be a part of a Habitat family’s project so they can enjoy their new home is an incredible experience. Sully hopes you will join her team!

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