Cambodian kids carrying water

Siem Reap, Cambodia

March 21-29, 2020: Help build safe, affordable housing while discovering a new culture.

Home construction

Help build new homes with those in need.

9 days

Trip cost: US$1,815

Join this trip to Cambodia and work alongside the locals to build affordable housing while learning about the local community.

t’s estimated that about two million homes are in need of critical improvements throughout Cambodia. With research projecting an additional 1.1 million homes needing to be built by 2030, the demand for safe, affordable housing in Cambodia is increasing. Habitat for Humanity Cambodia partners with future homeowners to improve their quality of life and health by providing them with better housing, water and sanitation options.

You’ll be staying in double-occupancy rooms at a nearby hotel where breakfast and dinner will be provided. Lunches will be served on the build site. Work site tasks typically include mixing mortar, carrying materials or laying foundations, bricks and flooring. You’ll be working alongside partner families, Habitat Cambodia and 300 to 500 other volunteers as you build 28-45 wooden or brick houses that will be the new safe, affordable home for partner families.


  • Saturday: Welcome. Land in Siem Reap where Habitat staff will greet you when you arrive and take you to meet your team. You’ll enjoy a welcome dinner with your fellow volunteers.
  • Sunday: Learn. You’ll learn more about Habitat’s innovative work in the region and details about the week’s project.
  • Monday-Thursday: Build. Spend the day on the build site, breaking for lunch, snacks and water throughout the day. You’ll have free time and team activities in the evenings.
  • Friday: Celebrate. Spend the morning working on the build site before enjoying a farewell ceremony celebrating the week’s accomplishments.
  • Saturday: Explore. Continue to deepen your knowledge of the history and culture of Cambodia with visits to local sights. End the day with a farewell dinner with your team.
  • Sunday: Goodbyes. Your journey in Cambodia may continue independently, or you may depart for home.

Please note that while our itineraries begin with arrival day in country, some locations require additional days for travel.

Leading this team

Russ loves to help people and had always wanted to expand his Habitat volunteerism to the Global Village program. On a build in Paraguay years ago, he had an experience that will stick with him forever. At the end of the week, the homeowner handed each team member a nail and asked them to etch their name in a brick by the front door. When Russ asked, “Are you sure? We could do this in the back where it’’s less visible.” She replied, “No, I want to see your names every time I enter to remind me that you were here and worked hard to help me build my dream house.” Russ has been hooked on Habitat ever since.

Leading teams combines three of Russ’s passions: travel, helping people and organizing! Russ describes himself as a detail-oriented leader, dedicated to enhancing the experience for the future homeowners and for his team of volunteers. He plans details with the affiliate coordinator before the build to ensure the experience will be a rewarding one for his team. He communicates often with his team in the weeks and months leading up to the build to ensure that they have everything they need. Russ believes that sharing all the planning information before the trip allows the build to flow more smoothly. During the build week, Russ acts as an advocate for the group and liaison to the host coordinator. He works to ensure that first-timers feel welcome and supported.

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