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Quick facts

Families served in 2016: 243

Our work in Colombia
In numbers:

  • 33,480 people benefited with new housing and housing improvements
  • 3,901 new and improved homes
  • 1,961 people assisted with workshops in healthy household practices and family finances
  • 33 national and international volunteer teams
  • 3,165 volunteering hours
  • 342 national and international volunteers
  • 42 improved community infrastructure facilities

Habitat for Humanity Colombia

Habitat for Humanity Colombia works to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable people in Colombia, promoting access to their basic rights, the adoption of healthy household practices in adequate housing and encouraging the active participation of people and the community in their own development. For more information, please visit

Housing problems in the country

Precarious informal settlements present several different challenges such as security of land ownership, access to basic services, structural quality and affordability of resources to progressively improve housing.  The inequitable access to educational, social and health facilities, as well as employment opportunities, are also factors of great importance in obtaining adequate housing. 

For these reasons, Habitat for Humanity Colombia facilitates comprehensive neighborhood improvement, led by communities and civil society, with active participation of public and private sector partners, donors and volunteers. The goal for 2018 is to reduce the qualitative housing deficit in urban areas. This is proposed through work strategies channeled into the community, housing sector, and society levels.

Lines of Action

Housing and urban environment
We contribute to community development by facilitating housing improvements and construction of new housing as well as the construction of new or improved community infrastructure and public spaces. We work in partnership with public and private sector organizations, and other non-governmental bodies in participative planning processes led by the community to improve the quality of life of families in urban areas of the country.

The intervention is carried out through:

  • Housing improvement
  • New housing
  • Community infrastructure
  • Public space

We invite people and companies from all around the world to be volunteers, to donate time, knowledge and enthusiasm to the projects we develop toward adequate housing conditions. Volunteers are the heart and the hands of Habitat for Humanity, who help in a wonderful way to improve the quality of life of partner families and communities.

Volunteering is grouped into three broad categories that include both individual volunteers and teams of volunteers:

  • National
  • International
  • Corporate

Community Empowerment
We deliver workshops on awareness-raising, development and strengthening of the capabilities of communities, to provide added social value to our physical interventions through education in areas such as:

  • Healthy household practices
  • Family finances
  • Peaceful co-existence and community leadership

The purpose of training families is that they can acquire good practices and habits that improve their quality of life and their environment.

Comprehensive neighborhood assessment
We identify priorities for neighborhood improvement and housing improvement by actively involving the community through household surveys, community mapping and participatory planning workshops, the results of which allow the allocation of resources in an equitable and prioritized manner.

Read the testimony of a partner family in Colombia
"thanks to the intervention of Habitat for Humanity and its volunteers, our life has changed, we no longer have so many health issues and the children share time with their friends at home, they are happy because they now have a nice place to study at home. Thank you for helping me" says Martha Cecilia Calle, beneficiary of our program of housing improvement. Today, she and her family have an adequate, safe and comfortable home to live in.


If you want to learn more about Habitat for Humanity Colombia, please contact us.
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