Omaha, Nebraska - GV14-0261

Sept. 7-21, 2014

Build Details
Project Description: 2014 Framing Frenzy Prep and Build Event
Type of Work: Every fall HFHOmaha throws a large volunteer event we like to call our Framing Frenzy where we will essentially frame in the 4 to 6 homes we will work in over the winter. First week will serve as prep (frame basements/ install subfloor). Actual event occurs Sept 19th & 20th.
Parking Location: We are working to securing accommodations at two near by state parks. Details to come. Both are with
Parking Fee per night: $0.00
Hookups: Electric: TBD, Water: TBD, Sewer: TBD
Miles to job site: 5-10 miles
Spaces Available: 8
Team Leader:

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