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Good Measure
Habitat World online provides stats to share as you help build homes, communities and hope.
Habitat for Humanity statistics
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Connect with us on social media
Where does Habitat for Humanity build houses?
See where Habitat for Humanity homeowners and volunteers build brighter futures around the world.
Where does Habitat for Humanity build houses?
Mason jar organizer tutorial
Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph County recently hosted a DIY class at their ReStore and put together this great step-by-step tutorial for a mason jar organizer.
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  • Habitat for Humanity statistics
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  • Where does Habitat for Humanity build houses?
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Habitat's vision:
a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Featured way to get involved:

Habitat AmeriCorps
Live and serve with our local affiliates throughout the U.S. and help build affordable housing for families in need.

Managing volunteers: Tips for success

Passionate Habitat volunteer team leader Tom Gerdy discusses tips for successfully managing volunteers.

Meet our homeowners and volunteers

Meet some of our volunteers who help us build and renovate houses and learn more about the families who have made them their homes.

Worldwide measuring tool
Global Housing Indicators helps Habitat advocate for smart housing policies around the world.
A place to make memories
Samantha Stepp’s Habitat Springfield home features a yard where her children can play and make memories.
Just the facts
Learn about recent milestones and unique innovations in the latest edition of Habitat World’s recurring feature.

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