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Housing support services

Helping more families through housing support services
By Steve Weir

Habitat’s broader shelter strategy includes a range of innovative housing support service programs and delivery systems.

Housing support services in Nepal

By Hiew Peng Wong

To develop a cost-effective, environmentally friendly housing program, Habitat for Humanity Nepal tapped its partnership network of nongovernmental organizations, microfinance institutions and village lending and savings groups.

Construction Technical Assistance in Malawi

By Bob Longino

The CTA program involves soliciting donated building materials, organizing volunteers to build alongside home partners, and financing the home with a no- or low-interest loan as part of a revolving fund.

Habitat Resource Centers

By Peter Witton

HRCs are a channel for implementing Habitat’s responses after disasters. They are also becoming a vital component in Habitat’s growing housing finance initiatives, providing housing support services to accompany the financing.

Sharing our construction advice and expertise

By Katerina Bezgachina

Over the past few years, Habitat for Humanity has been striving to expand its impact in Europe and Central Asia by scaling up existing programs and making them sustainable.

Empowering communities to obtain a sustainable habitat

By Monica Ramirez

Habitat for Humanity is learning that the task of securing adequate housing with minimum quality standards requires that we go beyond home construction and create more sustainable and integrated housing interventions.

Strategic Innovations Grant

By Patrick Kelley
The Strategic Innovations Grants for Housing Support Services is a three-year learning grant that seeks to develop a sustainable and replicable Habitat for Humanity program framework for providing housing support services.