Nepal Completes Everest Build II

Over 500 international volunteers work with Habitat families to construct 35 environmentally friendly houses made of soil blocks and bamboo

Dalli Danuwar’s granddaughter (above) enjoying the swing which volunteers made while Dalli and her family (top) stand proud in front of their new house.

KATHMANDU, October 15, 2012: Dalli Danuwar was a happy woman at the close of Habitat for Humanity Nepal’s Everest Build. “I am overwhelmed by the contribution and commitment of the volunteers.”

Other than building a new house with Dalli, the volunteers from Great Britain also used leftover bamboo to make a swing for Dalli’s granddaughter.

Dalli was among 35 Habitat partner families whose new houses were built by more than 500 international volunteers during Everest Build, held from 7 to 13 October.

Over five days, Habitat families and volunteers worked hard in Dhanwar, Pariyar and Sarki communities in Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchok district.

Thirty-five environmentally-friendly homes were built with sun-dried soil blocks and locally grown bamboo. Another five houses will be completed post-Everest Build.

By the end of the build, volunteer Vic Fasolino, from North Carolina state in the U.S., was impressed. The professional house builder, who was in Nepal for the first time, said: “It was wonderful meeting and working with the people of Nepal. There were different languages but lots of communication through smiles. Things went quite smoothly. It was hot working in the pit, mixing mud, but everyone enjoyed it.”

The build week was also gratifying for Aruna Paul Simittrarachchi, Habitat’s country representative for Nepal. He was thankful for officials from various government ministries who visited the Everest Build site throughout the week. Their interest and presence met HFH Nepal’s objective of seeking government involvement in its housing campaign. HFH Nepal has already helped 15,000 low-income families secure decent housing and targets 100,000 families to be helped by 2016.

The comedy duo known as Maha Jodi and Habitat for Humanity Nepal goodwill ambassadors, Madan Krishna Shretha and Hari Bansha Acharya, thanked volunteers for their contribution at the closing ceremony. Local band Panche Bacha entertained the audience as did some volunteers who put up special performances.

Everest Build II is one of three ‘Big Build’ events taking place in the Asia-Pacific region in 2012. Earlier this year, in August, 24 homes were built in Sri Lanka, and 10 homes will be built in Bangladesh in December.