Living the Dream
Read an impact story from Tajikistan, where Habitat Tajikistan has worked with microfinance banks and institutions to create home improvement loans with lower rates and longer repayment periods, to help families live their dream of a decent home.
Energy efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Have a look at our latest infographics showing benefits of Habitat's REELIH (Residential Energy Efficiency for Low Income Households) project in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
REELIH promoted at EU Sustainable Energy Week
Habitat for Humanity EMEA and ENOVA, its partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina, presented the REELIH (Residential Energy Efficiency for Low Income Households) program at the European Commission’s European Sustainable Energy Week.
Why shelter focus and long-term development goals are vital in emergencies?
Recovery after any natural or man-made disaster does not mean only an immediate aid to people affected, but it is a multi-dimensional process and consists of various components. Read more about Habitat's long-term disaster recovery processes.
Developing housing and housing microfinance in Azerbaijan
Over the last 20 years, Azerbaijan has experienced boosting demand for housing, particularly in the capital city Baku. Realizing this pent up demand, Habitat for Humanity started working with microfinance organizations to develop housing finance programs.
One home at a time
Many families in Bulgaria live in housing conditions unacceptable by the EU standards. Almost every second Bulgarian is at risk of poverty or social exclusion. Habitat for Humanity and its local partners offer incremental housing loans to help people improve their living conditions.
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Habitat's vision:
a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Residential energy efficiency
More than 30 percent of energy in Europe and Central Asia is consumed by households. Can we save energy in our homes?

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