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Europe, Middle East and Africa

Habitat for Humanity International
Europe and the Middle East Area Office

Mlynské nivy 5
821 09 Bratislava, Slovakia

Phone: +421 2 336 690 00
Email: [email protected]

Habitat for Humanity International
Africa Area Office

CVS Plaza, 3rd Floor, North Wing
Lenana Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 715 663 663
Email: [email protected]

Contact for the media

If you are looking for more information about Habitat for Humanity’s work and projects throughout the region or would like to learn more about recent events and builds, please contact:

  1. Europe and the Middle east
    Katarzyna Jasik-Caínzos
    Communications Director, Europe and the Middle East 
    Phone: +32 478 88 79 08
    Email: [email protected]
  2. Africa
    Caroline Nyamamu
    Communications Director, Africa
    Phone: +254 759 067 659
    Email: [email protected]


High-resolution images of Habitat for Humanity’s work can be provided to media at no charge. Photos and high-quality stock video of Habitat builds are available to media.

To contact national offices of Habitat for Humanity in the region, check our country profiles.

Suspected illegal or unethical activity

Habitat for Humanity International is committed to supporting a respectful and ethical workplace, safeguarding the rights of those we serve, and properly stewarding our donors’ funds and resources. In all parts of our ministry, we work every day to succeed in these efforts, but there will be times where a stakeholder — an employee of any Habitat organization globally, volunteer, program participant, donor, supporter, vendor or member of the general public who engages with us — has concerns about our work. To further that commitment, HFHI provides a confidential reporting line managed by a dedicated unit of investigators within HFHI’s Governance, Risk Management and Compliance department. This investigative unit maintains a confidential and independent reporting line to the Habitat for Humanity International board of directors. 

The Habitat Ethics and Accountability Line, or simply the confidential reporting line, is powered by web-based ethics and compliance software that is managed by OneTrust. This confidential reporting line is available for use by all Habitat organizations and Habitat stakeholders at no charge.

The Habitat Ethics and Accountability Line can receive complaints anonymously and can provide instructions and accept reports in most widely used languages. Reports can be made online or via telephone 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week: