New mortgage crisis looming over Central and Eastern Europe?
A decade ago, banks offered Hungarians, Poles, Romanians and Croats mortgages in Swiss Francs. Now, with currency’s uncoupling from the Euro, the homeowners are likely to face defaulting on their mortgages.
Five years after the 2010 Haiti earthquake
Read about the progress Habitat for Humanity has made over the past five years since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti left 1.5 million people homeless.
Doing good to feel good
Studies show that doing something good is good for you and there's nothing more inspiring than do to something meaningful. Choosing a volunteer experience to stretch muscles and learn new skills might be the right step forward.
Corporate volunteering: building teams and change
Why volunteer as a company? It can raise company's profile, strengthen relationships within the team and boost company profile. This year, more than 200 people from six companies volunteered with Habitat in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Habitat calls for increased decent housing in Zambia
Currently, Zambia reports a shortage of 2.8 million housing units. Habitat is urging the government in Zambia to come up with policies that increase access to decent accommodation among the poor.
Habitat plays critical role in rebuilding lives after Typhoon Haiyan
On November 8, 2014, Typhoon Haiyan hit Philippines destroying millions of homes and taking lives of more than 6,000 people. Habitat was quick to assist those in need within days of the disaster as well as during following months.
Paying it forward: Disaster preparedness pays off
Rick Hathaway, Habitat's Asia-Pacific VP, discusses why it is more crucial to donate pre-disaster than post-disaster. Instead of waiting for another disaster to happen, it's necessary to invest in creating a safe future.
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Habitat's vision:
a world where everyone has a decent place to live.


Residental energy efficiency
More than 30 percent of energy in Europe and Central Asia is consumed by households. Can we save energy in our homes?

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