International Roma Day 2014
International Roma Day on April 8 is not just about celebrating Roma culture, it also highlights the discrimination that Roma people face, including a lack of access to housing.
Habitat for Humanity International delegation to the World Urban Forum
Representatives from Habitat for Humanity International will join more than 20,000 development experts in Medellín, Colombia to address the most pressing human settlement issues.
Habitat for Humanity encourages U.S. Congress to support the Water for the World Act
In observance of World Water Day on March 22, Habitat for Humanity and its supporters are urging the U.S. Congress to pass the Water for the World Act.
Safe water form the sky
The majority of inhabitants of Pernambuco State have no access to safe drinking water. Unclear water contributes to the high rates of diarrheal illness in the region, causing an estimated 1 in 4 child deaths.
Clean water and sanitation for Zambia
Access to clean water and adequate sanitation are critical for tackling child mortality in Africa. Water, sanitation and hygiene factors are responsible for 11.4 percent of all deaths in Zambia.
Social rental agencies in Hungary
Habitat for Humanity Hungary and Metropolitan Research Institute put together a proposal to set up social rental agencies with aim to create affordable housing options for families who face housing problems.
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