Help us make housing a top global priority
Celebrate World Habitat Day on Oct. 6 by adding your voice to the call to make housing a top priority around the world!
Out in the Cold
Habitat for Humanity, in partnership with USAID, has started a project to help residents of multi-apartment buildings in Central and Eastern Europe improve their living conditions and reduce the wasteful usage.
Energy-efficient home solutions for Bulgaria, Romania and Poland
Reducing the cost of energy is a key element in upgrading housing conditions in Eastern Europe. The Wienerberger Group has helped Habitat to build energy-efficient homes in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland.
Land: The Key to Ending Poverty
With 1.6 billion people around the world living without adequate housing, improving housing is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. But it involves something even more fundamental than building: Land.
Home for Habitat in Ethiopia
A story from Ethiopia, where a family has got new opportunities thanks to a simple and decent home.
Achieving Roma integration in Hungary
Around three percent of the population of Hungary lives in slums. Often, these are Roma families. Is there a way to improve their plight or they will remain locked in poverty?
Zambia: More school time for girls
Habitat for Humanity launched a partnership project to bring clean and safe water for communities in Zambia. It aims to help families with girls.
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Habitat's vision:
a world where everyone has a decent place to live.


Residental energy efficiency
More than 30 percent of energy in Europe and Central Asia is consumed by households. Can we save energy in our homes?

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