Build-a-Thon 2012 event coverage

Below are firsthand reports and photos from the 2012 Build-A-Thon build sites 

Dallas, Texas

AmeriCorps members helped to build 11 NSP2-assisted homes.

Ah, it’s great to be an AmeriCorps
Excited to welcome you to Dallas for the AmeriCorps Build-a-Thon 2012!
 By Naomi Downs

Setting the stage for a life-changing week 
AmeriCorps members will build 11 houses in Dallas. 
By Julie Gurnon

Signs of progress 
Pictures of progress from the Dallas, Tx. build site.

After a lifetime of moving, a family puts down roots
Two girls dream of bright colors and future careers.
 By Julie Gurnon

Let the wild rumpus begin
From an empty street, a community takes shape.
 By Naomi Downs

AmeriCorps member sings the praises of Habitat at Build-a-Thon
Adam Hunter sees perfect harmony in being a singer and being a house-builder.
 By Julie Gurnon

Walking the walk, in other people’s shoes
55-year-old woman finds her calling.
 By Julie Gurnon

NSP2: Helping communities recover from the foreclosure crisis (slideshow)
Build-a-Thon blogger, Julie Gurnon, created a great slideshow that explains Habitat’s Neighborhood Stabilization 2 program and its partnership with the AmeriCorps Build-a-Thon.

‘Percolating with joy’
AmeriCorps members, volunteers and a dog named Easy play a role in a dream scenario.
 By Julie Gurnon

Hard work and ‘a lot of silliness’
After one busy week, 11 families are closer to having a home.
 By Julie Gurnon

Los Angeles, California

AmeriCorps members rehabilitated five homes in five days.

Breathing life into forgotten communities
Rehabs restore historic houses for new families. 
By Soyia Ellison

‘This is just the right house’
Mother and daughters finally safe at home.
 By Soyia Ellison

Back to basics: Architect couple bonds over building
In the city where they met, two AmeriCorps members share a commitment to service.
 By Soyia Ellison

Midwest to West Coast: The tale of two Build-a-Thon adventures
Memories of Milwaukee fuel new work in L.A.
 By Stephanie Ham

Build-a-Thon bits
Seen and heard this week on the L.A. sites.
 By Soyia Ellison

It’s a wrap!
Energized crew members finish exciting week of building
By Stephanie Ham

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

AmeriCorps members helped build 10 two-story NSP2-assisted homes.

Twice as nice
Get ready for stories and jokes from the 2012 Milwaukee and Los Angeles Build-a-Thon events.
 By Stephanie Ham

Full circle
The story of Marquitta, Rev. Mary Martha and Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity’s 2012 Build-a-Thon.
 By Julia Sellers

New construction
A building newbie’s first day framing.
 By Hanna Gichard

Everyone, grab your hammers
Ever need a kick in the pants about your work ethic?
 By Julia Sellers

Raising walls and hammering thumbs
Exhaustion and exhilaration on the build site.
 By Stephanie Ham

Making a second career of service
Cyndy Cservenyak finds meaning at the 2012 Build-a-Thon event.
 By Julia Sellers

A little team spirit
Working together to get the job done.
 By Andrew White

Lifelong service goes beyond one build week
Last day on the Milwaukee Build-a-Thon 2012 build site.
 By Hanna Gichard

Six hundred miles to team bonding
Habitat staffers thrive under pressure.
 By Julia Sellers

Milwaukee Build-a-Thon 2012: DONE
By Andrew White

Pensacola, Florida

AmeriCorps members helped build six NSP2-assisted homes and participated in a community project.

Let’s get this party started
Bring it on, Build-a-Thon 2012! We are ready!!
 By Aliya Petzing

Officially underway
The AmeriCorps Build-a-Thon 2012 begins in beautiful Pensacola, Florida.
 By Julie Gurnon

Talk about a work ethic
Building alongside Habitat homeowners.
 By Julie Gurnon

Three faces of AmeriCorps
Volunteers at the Build-a-Thon 2012 event.
 By Julie Gurnon

Signs of progress
Pictures of progress from the Pensacola, Fla. build site.
 Photos by Steffan Hacker and Julie Gurnon

Finally, a safe, decent home
The Bell family and their need for decent, affordable housing is just one reason why we are building in Pensacola. 
By Julie Gurnon

Day of rest?
A day off doesn’t slow these AmeriCorps members down.
 By Julie Gurnon

‘I have a house’
Homeowner sets her sights on a new dream.
 By Julie Gurnon

It’s not the heat, it’s the productivity
Building crews ‘exceed expectations’.
 By Julie Gurnon

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