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Welcome to the Habitat World blog!

By Jonathan Reckford
Habitat for Humanity International CEO

We’re extremely excited to introduce’s newest innovation, a spot where we can share even more news and stories from around Habitat’s world. With this blog, we’ll build on the reporting and well-established outreach of our flagship publication and website to help provide an “inside look” at Habitat’s life-changing work.

It’s the work we do together — homeowners, volunteers and supporters, advocates, staff — that creates decent and affordable housing opportunities and so many wonderful possibilities for better tomorrows. As a reflection of that, the blog will feature a mix of contributors from every facet of the Habitat organization, each sharing their experiences and expertise, and will be a place to visit for information, inspiration and — we hope — conversation.

While the technology might be new to us, the Habitat story we all write together continues to be the same. It’s the story that started more than 30 years ago outside Americus, Ga. And it’s a story we’ll continue to tell on this blog. Our first official contributor will be Habitat homeowner and Americus resident Martha Barnum; check back in a few days to read her post, and check back to see our weekly updates. We hope you’ll join us.


Irene wrote:

Congratulations on making the world just a little bit better ;)

Rum Ekhtiar wrote:

I applaud the development of the blog! We need to use every means possible to let the public know that many people don't have the basics - especially in this economy - and that each and every person deserves a roof over their heads!

I really hope that the families helped by Habitat will share their stories, as I know it will inspire people to take action and get involved! Congrats and looking forward to the inaugural blog post!

Angie Burns wrote:

I've been following Habitat news on Facebook. Thrilled for your new blog adventure. The work of Habitat constantly moves and inspires me. Looking forward to diving deeper into your stories online and spreading the word about HFH. Bring it!

Aberie Ikinko wrote:

I remember when we built a city made of cardboard boxes and slept in them overnight while I was in undergrad. It simulated what it's like to be homeless and to need affordable housing. I feel like it's really important to raise awareness to the terrible housing and poverty in several cities. We got a sense of what is really going on with homeless people and its strengthened my dedication to the cause. Thank you for being an advocate and inspiring us all to reach out with compassion.

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