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Volunteer spirit makes Habitat special

By Ken Klein
Chair of Habitat for Humanity International board of directors




I recently spent time in Cairo, Egypt, with a group of very dedicated Habitat volunteers: the members of our international board of directors.

The meeting in Cairo was productive and inspiring, one of several chances each year for the members of the board to plan and deliberate and to celebrate the work of Habitat around the world. And just like almost any time a large group of Habitat volunteers gets together, we all hailed from different walks of life and different hometowns around the world—but we’ve all been brought together by our commitment to create decent and affordable housing.

That volunteer spirit of the board is the same volunteer spirit that makes Habitat so special. Those of us who volunteer are as important a part of the Habitat equation as the family partners we are so blessed to work alongside. People are attracted to our work for different reasons, but time and again, I hear from those wanting to put their faith into action. I find it very humbling that Habitat’s work hinges on the idea of responding to the needs of others, something Jesus spent a whole of time showing us how to do.

Some of the greatest surprises I have experienced during my time with Habitat are the volunteer stories I have heard—the experiences of people who set out to make life better for someone else and end up having their own lives changed in the process. Many of you reading this know what I’m talking about. To all of you, thank you for helping us build better communities. And to those of you who might not just yet, I would invite you to give Habitat a try!


Dave Walker wrote:

It's great to hear this from someone who serves on our International Board of Directors. As an affiliate on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we are reminded every day of the centrality of volunteers to the success of our mission. Our recovery would not have been possible except for volunteers who came from everywhere else in this time of need. It is a humbling, awesome experience to be so vulnerable and yet so blessed. Volunteers are truly the hands of God!

eileen wrote:

Great blog - would love to see some photos from your work in Cairo if you have them!

Laurie wrote:

Thank you for your story and service to humanity, Ken! I can feel your heartfelt enthusiasm and love!

I'm looking forward to this Tuesday, my first time volunteering at Habitat of Humanity in Florida!

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