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Warriors on the worksite




View a slideshow of soldiers from a U.S. Army Warrior Transition Battalion working on a pair of Habitat homes in Tacoma, Washington.


Washington state’s Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat affiliate recently entered a partnership with the U.S. Army’s Warrior Transition Battalion at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The goal of Tacoma’s Warrior Transition Battalion: to provide medical care, advocacy and leadership for soldiers and veterans healing from combat injuries, long-term illness or post-traumatic stress.

Through Habitat’s partnership, more than 30 of those soldiers have already volunteered with Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat. The opportunity allowed the soldiers to connect with their local community and remain productive while away from active duty; many will continue to volunteer as part of their ongoing occupational therapy. Check out a photo slideshow and see how the soldiers’ efforts also helped two low-income Tacoma families move closer to homeownership.

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