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Tell us what ‘home for the holidays’ means to you




For many, “home for the holidays” means hanging lights or lighting candles, giving gifts, and sharing a meal with family and friends. The holiday season also can mean a time for reaching out to our neighbors and communities — caroling from house to house, helping with a canned goods drive, serving at a shelter or in a soup kitchen.

For Habitat for Humanity, home for the holidays means a time when we complete the last houses we will build for the year and hold dedications with those families who will soon move in. We also look back and think about how the families we have served over the past year are now spending the holidays —many for the first time — in a home of their own.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us what “home for the holidays” makes you think of. We want to hear about your family traditions and what being home during this special time of year means to you.


Charles Taylor wrote:

home for the holiday for me would be to be able to see my family in Texas. I have two sons and a granddaughter, as well as my brother and sister. I moved to missouri ten years ago after getting married, and although I love it here, I still miss being together with all of them at Christmas. What stands out most is when my house became the gathering place for Thanksgiving and Christmas after my mother passed away, then sadly in 2005 so did my father. But they left behind a wealth of memories!

shelynn russell wrote:

it means being home with family, spending that time with family and friends in a nice warm home, enjoying laughter, and singing together. It also says good food and company and lots of love!

Genaca McCarley wrote:

Last year my family had no home to go to for the holidays, instead a hotel room. We had lost our home in a fire just 12 days before Christmas. I returned to college and my parents stayed with a neighbor before being chosen to be a partner family with Habitat for Humanity. This year "home for the holidays" really means I am going home, to my parents wonderful new house thanks to Habitat for Humanity. It means we decorated a tree and will spend this first Christmas in their new house TOGETHER.

Rebecca Mains wrote:

Spending time with each other sharing stories of the good times and the bad times over the past year.
and remembering the family we have lost

Relay for Life is also a very BIG part of our life so
this year the word "HOPE"! means something to our family!
we joined together to build the largest lighted display of the word "HOPE" and a 33ft cancer ribbon to remind everyone to always have "HOPE"! and Happy Holidays.

The Mains family.

Stacy Smith wrote:

Home for the Holidays has taken on a lot more then it used to ever. It used to just mean family being together and everyone safe and healthy. Now that we have our own home, the meaning to us has grown to security and hope that good things do happen to normal people, and the joy of new friends that we have made. We are so thankful to Habitat for Humanity for not only giving us the chance to be homeowners but for the hope, faith and joy that we can now pass on to others. The Smith Family.

Malissia wrote:

Home for the Holidays to me not only means having your family and friends close by at a special time of year, but thanking God for all your blessings and for having a place you really can call home. There are so many less fortunate people out there that are either living in a cold drafty place or on the streets not knowing where their next meal comes from. A good, safe and warm home makes everything better.

Yasa wrote:

Home for the Holidays means spending time with my 14-year-old son whom I had not seen in 10 years. We will start new traditions.
Home for the Holidays has never meant so much.

The Housers wrote:

"Home for the holidays." To us, it means having family and friends over to celebrate and share traditional foods, hot punch, tamales, and being warm and cozy.
To my son, it means vacation time; he can be lazy, relax while playing games with friends. To my daughter, it means being together with family. To me, Josefina, it means receiving Christmas cards with pictures of faraway friends and family. To my husband, it means the busiest time of the year at work.

heather wrote:

This year, home for the holidays means new beginnings with my wonderful husband and 3 gorgeous children and having a home to feel safe. Being with friends and family and feeling carefree and loved and feeling just how lucky you truly are to have in your life everything and everyone that you do. Home is what you make it, and to our family, it is really where the heart and dreams begin. There is no better feeling in the world than this.

Shelia Keith wrote:

Being home for the holiday means a whole lot when we can call a place our own. Right now we're staying with my mom. I thank her very much, but it's kind of full. I sleep in a chair and my 13-year-old on a love seat. But we thank God we still have a place to stay.

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