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Summing it up

As the last day of 2011 approaches, we look back at everything that Habitat for Humanity has accomplished over the past year, thanks to you — our donors, volunteers, advocates, partners, affiliated organizations and staff.

A few of this year’s highlights:

  • 6th largest homebuilder in the United States — Habitat’s highest ranking ever on Builder magazine’s 100 list
  • 10 years of Habitat’s work in Armenia
  • 28th annual Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project held in Haiti
  • 35 years since Habitat was founded in 1976
  • 9,600 women participated in National Women Build Week in 257 locations
  • 20,000 families served through disaster risk mitigation in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Vietnam
  • 81,399 families served in FY 2011 — the most ever for Habitat for Humanity
  • 500,000th Habitat home worldwide dedicated in Maai Mahiu, Kenya

Every one of these numbers — houses built, funds raised, volunteers engaged — ultimately represents more families who live in better conditions and entire communities that have been improved because of our work together. Watch the Habitat for Humanity 2011 Year In Review video to celebrate these accomplishments and many more. Then leave us a note to tell us where you helped build in 2011 and what your Habitat plans are for 2012.


Randy Hinton wrote:

I worked on ~15 houses in Cobb County GA in 2011 - as a crew leader and as a "Gray Ghost" doing preliminary and skill work during the week before volunteers showed up on Saturday. In addition, I lead the Habitat ministry at my church (some 250 people on my email list). We sponsored and built two houses (as part of a local coalition) in 2011.

R. Hinton

Jean Taylor Hamilton wrote:

My son Jeff (25), my grandson Bobby (13), my granddaughters Melanie (14) & Courtney (10), and I (61) all spent many days chopping & mowing very tall weeds on the site where our new home will be built next year and also on another huge lot Habitat owns. Plus the kids and I have worked a few days in our local ReStore. God's blessings for 2012!

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