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If you follow Habitat for Humanity International on social media or have an email subscription to the new online Habitat World, you might have noticed that our recent holiday wish list included our wish for a place in your New Year’s resolutions.

Of all the many things we wish for every year, a world where everyone has a decent place to live always tops the list. And that’s something we can only work toward with your help. Your time, your talents, your voice, your generous gifts — these are what allow Habitat to continue to serve more and more families in your communities and around the world. We’re grateful for all you do and ready to do even more together.

So tell us how making a difference is going to be part of your new year. Leave a comment below to share how you plan to get involved with Habitat in 2012. We’ll randomly select 50 commenters to win a free 2012 Habitat wall calendar.

(If you haven’t yet “liked” our Facebook page, followed our Twitter feed or signed up for Habitat World, those are easy things you can do right now that were on our wish list, too. Take one of those actions today to make sure you receive up-to-date news, information, stories … and future wish lists.)


The Echelon House wrote:

Our plans for this year are big, and we're really excited! We're redesigning our website, creating more new merchandise, thinking up more creative projects to get people involved...we're always thinking of how we can encourage people to be part of our project to bring more money and awareness to Habitat. We also have a big yet-to-be-revealed summer plan for worldwide builds, having people volunteer in their local areas. Here's to a fantastic 2012!

Debra S. wrote:

I plan to participate in some local builds in the ATL area. I also have some shopping to do at their ReStore!


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