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If you follow Habitat for Humanity International on social media or have an email subscription to the new online Habitat World, you might have noticed that our recent holiday wish list included our wish for a place in your New Year’s resolutions.

Of all the many things we wish for every year, a world where everyone has a decent place to live always tops the list. And that’s something we can only work toward with your help. Your time, your talents, your voice, your generous gifts — these are what allow Habitat to continue to serve more and more families in your communities and around the world. We’re grateful for all you do and ready to do even more together.

So tell us how making a difference is going to be part of your new year. Leave a comment below to share how you plan to get involved with Habitat in 2012. We’ll randomly select 50 commenters to win a free 2012 Habitat wall calendar.

(If you haven’t yet “liked” our Facebook page, followed our Twitter feed or signed up for Habitat World, those are easy things you can do right now that were on our wish list, too. Take one of those actions today to make sure you receive up-to-date news, information, stories … and future wish lists.)


teng teng wrote:

2012 for unity - I shall volunteer to lead youngsters to be involved in international community services in GREEN and hands on building with the local youth. Care for Shelters. Hearts for hut.

Kim wrote:

I helped with a Habitat build in Lexington this past year. I hope to be involved in another one this year. And I plan to contact our local office for other volunteer opportunities. You are doing such an important work!

Matt Made Media wrote:

This year I will be gathering video footage and taking photos of the progress as the amazing team at Habitat for Humanity Gallatin Valley builds a highly-efficient 'passive' home in Belgrade, MT. We will be documenting the progress and producing a video by the end of 2012. Be sure to look for updates by visiting

Steven D Clifford wrote:

I own a tax prep/payroll support/accounting/insurance agency. I pledge 1% of company sales in 2012 to Habitat of Stark & Carroll County, Ohio. Our specialty is serving clergy & churches nationwide.

Michael Kissinger wrote:

I am going to do my best to help select homes that will be cost-efficient for HfH to rehabilitate, but yet well-built with appeal for a family in need and located in the best possible neighborhood. I believe that volunteering for HfH is an experience that many people should have. This is a great cause!

Josie Briseno wrote:

I plan on volunteering at least once a month building at a new Habitat Community in the area of town I grew up in! I will also encourage others to get more involved as well!

antonia wrote:

I plan on finding out more about Habitat for Humanity to see where I may be of the most value and make an impact in my community.

Mary nikkel wrote:

I plan to volunteer at HFH soon, either in St Albert, Spruce Grove or Stony Plain, Alberta. I plan to read about the builds in other countries, go to the HFH website more often.

LuAnne Ryall wrote:

Those who know me say my life's purpose is to be of service. While their opinions are important, what is more important is that to be of service is to be myself. Having coordinated two Habitat trips (Mississippi & Louisiana) for a New Hampshire college back in 2006 and 2007 and having a life-altering experience with a Habitat team for the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter build in Vietnam a few years ago, there is no question I will be dedicating 2012 to giving back, and through Habitat.

Kurt Rogerson wrote:

I will continue to proudly serve on the board of Habitat for Humanity of San Angelo and seek to increase our capacity and effectiveness.

I will sell baked goods at our Thrivent Financial for Lutherans fund raising bake sale May 5 and help in the ReStore whenever I can.

If I get a calendar, I'll try to get it on the wall at the Catholic Outreach Center or Christians In Action, to reach out to potential partner families.

Ellen Cohan wrote:

This year the volunteers, homeowners and supporters of Habitat Greater SF will become empowered spokespeople for our mission. I didn't comprehend the power of social media before my VISTA position. The innovation surrounding these social platforms is astounding and highly moving. My goal this year is to cultivate and support a vibrant online community featuring a diverse set of voices. By the end of this year, those voices will become one voice: The voice of Habitat.

Joanne Sim wrote:

At Habitat for Humanity, we believe in the motto of Building Homes, Building Lives. I hope to excel in our work here at Habitat for Humanity Malaysia, to create more awareness programs and to get more people to know our work and support us!

Andrea Pendleton wrote:

Last week, I started my 2012 commitment to volunteering at Atlanta Habitat for Humanity's monthly application workshops. It's exciting to help families take their first step towards homeownership.

Edwin Proctor wrote:

Yes, again I will be involved again with my local chapter for the 2012 year & may go on the road, too. Go HFH!

Chad Oxton wrote:

2012 has started off fast for the Hampton Roads Habitat for Humanity affilliate -- last weekend we dedicated a four family townhouse! We still have plenty of other new and rehab houses in various stages of completion to work on throughout the year. I will also return to the Lafayette affilliate to fulfill the second part of HFH Volunteer Leader training by going back for a week to lead college students in home building during spring break. Looking forward to it!

Kim Crosby wrote:

Each year my children and I volunteer our time with our church and Habitat for Humanity Birmingham. We love this organization and hope to continue to help support each year.

John Gasparini wrote:

Tomorrow morning, I leave South Carolina to accept an IVP post with Habitat ECA as a Program Development Volunteer. I will be living in Bratislava, Slovakia, for the next five months! I cannot wait to get started.

Erika Hill wrote:

I plan to volunteer with Brush with Kindness, serve as a crew leader once a month and fundraise with Habitat Humanity Dekalb County, GA.

Randall Maggard wrote:

I am hoping to start a non-profit organization growing organic foods to feed those in need. If successful enough, I plan to branch out and build a nice, energy efficient shelter for the homeless. I am hoping to have alternative, renewable energy. Eventually have plenty of fundraisers, toy collections, employment assistance, education assistance, etc. for all those in need. I also want to say I think Habitat for Humanity is a GREAT organization, and I thank you!

Mike Resman wrote:

Habitat for Humanity at the University of Minnesota has set a goal of 5,000 volunteer hours for the school year. With 200+ students involved in our chapter, we're looking forward to meeting (and exceeding) our goal!

wanderingzito wrote:

Last year, I gave a small donation to Habitat's work in the Asia Pacific as part of a project I started called #give10 -- giving away 10$ every day for a year to a different cause and encouraging others to give small and often, in a movement of generosity. This year, I've set a goal to keep giving. I'm picking 52 of the 365 projects that did the best job making a difference with my small donation last year and making a bigger donation each week for the year. Habitat is on my short list!

Erin Hovis wrote:

I will be volunteering frequently to help rehab homes in my community. Also, I have been recruiting friends/community members to volunteer their time too. Last year, I organized a group of colleagues to volunteer on a build and we plan on doing it again this year!

angela cole wrote:

lot of times when I show up, I am not needed. I Love DIY and I would would love to help more!!!!!

Steph Humphries wrote:

I am desperate to get on a build project...I wanna get my hands dirty...I wanna give something back.

Randy Hinton wrote:

Again in 2011, I will work on all houses (12 -15) built in Cobb County Georgia - been doing so for 4 years. Working on 2 -3 houses (weekends only) for 6 years before that - and enjoying every minute of it! wrote:

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ways that you're involved and helping Habitat! For those still seeking just the right opportunity, you can learn more at Also, be sure to use the search engine on the homepage of to find affiliates in your area.

Robert Drago wrote:

I am forming/developing a student organization at Missouri State University-West Plains campus representing and working for Habitat via West Plains, MO's local affiliate with the SGA.

Camille Brandt wrote:

I am going on my second Global Village trip with Habitat, in Argentina this July :) I am so excited to go on this adventure and help another part of the world :)

Megan wrote:

How I will help Habitat for Humanity, and how I will serve, is I will be going on a trip to Mississippi in March and help restore and build houses for people who lost them to natural disasters.

Virginia wrote:

My husband and I try to visit every Habitat store in the area when we travel, I did volunteer in a Habitat store in SC, and I will try to do it again. May the Lord our God keep blessing this wonderful way to help people own a home.

Eric Beechum wrote:

Following a traumatic brain injury, I survived surgery with memory loss and a calling to use my second chance to help others. A brush with death and word from God led me to volunteer with the Habitat for Humanity community in western Michigan. The incredible amount of blessings that are bestowed on volunteers and recipients alike has helped me to continue to volunteer on any and all home building projects in the tri-cities area.

Jan Spencer wrote:

I plan to write a minimum of 5 grants for our local Habitat for Humanity (Stokes County, NC) and hope that I can raise some funds so that our organization can continue partnering with low-income families to build them modest, adequate homes. I will be Vice Chair of our organization and I will support our Chair and other Board Members in any way I can. I will look forward to a day when all families have decent, safe places to live and raise their children.

Lisa wrote:

I'm excited to be returning to Mozambique this year on a Global Village build

Lisa Miller wrote:

I am on the committee and volunteer for Women Build in Myrtle Beach,SC Great organization helping to empower women and show young girls they can do ANYTHING!!!!

Dan Shiley wrote:

I plan to ride for the first time, the habitat 500 up in Minnesota. This looks like a great opportunity to raise money and really make a difference for Habitat!

Vicki wrote:

As a counselor I direct many to volunteer with organizations as a way to heal themselves by way of helping others. Habitat is the number one organization that I recommend and it will continue to be the top organization that I recommend in 2012. A model for humanity, Habitat is leading the way to a healthier, happier and more peaceful world.

Diana Benitez wrote:

As a Habitat for Humanity president at a college, I plan to continue advocating the importance of low income housing, present new programs to our campus and attend builds.

Paula Blalock wrote:

I am an AmeriCorps member serving more than half of my time this year (ending Sept 2012) with the Tulsa Habitat as the new volunteer coordinator. I plan to help Habitat for Humanity not only grow--but THRIVE--by passing on and spreading my passion for philanthropy and the worldwide need for more decent, affordable housing for everyone! I work daily to spread the word by dedicating a year of my life to serving such an AMAZING organization! I <3 HABITAT!

Stephanie N wrote:

I'm looking forward to a new build year with Habitat! I'm planning on continuing my volunteering as a Skilled Supervisor and am excited about the new experiences and more builds. I would love to be able to get a group of friends to commit to a Global Village build by the end of the year, if not just to get them to volunteer locally would be great too!

Renee Thurn wrote:

I'm serving on our local Habitat for Humanity's board, as well as a volunteer/ volunteer team leader every weekend on local builds. I'm hoping to continue every weekend, to hopefully accomplish our board's goal of building over 25 homes this year in Brevard County Fl.

Jennifer wrote:

Candlewood Suites O'Hare will be hosting a car wash and a softball tournament this summer to help benefit Give Kids the World. We hope to double the amount we raised last year.

Laura G. wrote:

I plan to continue serving Habitat as an AmeriCorps VISTA for six more months! I'm very excited to be involved with this organization!

Heatherlee wrote:

I plan on teaming up with friends who loves to run/bike, my company who supplies Habitat t-shirts to affiliates, & anyone else in my community to organize a half marathon or 50K event in my city! Through an *active event, the plan is to partner healthy homes with healthy lives. Ultimately, I want to organize a "healthy" event (whether running or biking) to raise funds for our local (Twin Cities) affiliate!

Terrence Hill wrote:

I plan on volunteering not only with the local Washington, DC Habitat for Humanity projects, but also go to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the fourth time since Hurricanes Katrina/Rita to help build homes for those still recovering from these storms.

Karoline Stankiewicz wrote:

I plan on being a chaperone on my alma maters Collegiate Challenge trip! It's a great way to give back, and get to know the current students/club members. I try to chaperone every year, and I can't imagine a better vacation, I come back so refreshed! I look forward to it for sure!

Erin S. wrote:

I am excited to serve for Habitat for Humanity as an AmeriCorps member in 2012! My 1st year of service ends in September and I'm considering staying for a 2nd year. Our affiliate is hosting the next Blitz Home Builder's trip - in September we are going to build five houses in ten days! I am personally contributing by raising money for the Blitz Build by competing in the Ironman 70.3 Hawaii Triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) in June. Every penny I raise will go towards a home!

Alex Ragland wrote:

I will be interning at the Habitat office in Shanghai this year! I hope to learn as much as I can about the differences between Habitat operations in the states and in China!

R Blatz wrote:

Haven't volunteered yet...That is part of my New Years to do list. I have been shopping at my local ReStore. I have found some wonderful deals and love the concept. Really wanted to keep the Managers Special Sign 50% off, but NO DEAL! Thanks to the help at the Leominster MA ReStore for all their help and lightheartedness. wrote:

Thanks again, everyone, for sharing your comments! We'll be in touch with you shortly so we can get calendars in the mail!

John L Mendez wrote:

For 2012, I plan to share w/ as many folks as possible how Habitat for Humanity's founder Millard Fuller founded the non-profit with his wife to "give away their fortune to help the poor and focus their lives toward God's work with a renewed and exciting sense of purpose." PRAISE GOD for the Fullers ~ "For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything." Hebrews 3:4


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