Day 3: Back to the build site



Home partner Myaser Mohammed smiles at a child during a community barbecue for Habitat volunteers.


By Jonathan Reckford, Habitat for Humanity International CEO

It was great to be back on the build site Wednesday. We finished the walls of the house way ahead of schedule.

Zeena, the Jordanian-American student on our team, had her parents join the group on Tuesday. They had such a good experience that they came back to help us again. Zeena’s father, Dr. Omar Lattouf, read the group a nice article about our work that appeared in the national newspaper.

Every day the students have said it was the best day yet — a wonderful upward trend.

After work, a local community group here in Irbid, Jordan, hosted us for a barbecue at an ancient park among some olive trees. We had grilled lamb, chicken and tomatoes in a setting that looks about the same as it must have 2,000 years ago. Over at one edge of the hill we could just catch a glimpse of the Sea of Galilee.

We then had a very competitive and high-spirited soccer match. The masons and community leaders turned out to be really good. I’m always struck by how much sporting events translate across cultures. It was another joyful day.

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