‘Let go of inertia’




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By Aditi Rao Hydari, film actress and Habitat for Humanity India Youth BUILD ambassador

Leaving my family and coming to work in Mumbai made me realize what a home really means and just how much it shapes your life.

In Mumbai, India’s most populous city, you see so many homes that are falling apart, sitting in filthy surroundings. Space is at a premium in the city. Houses are built close together, and there is sometimes violence. All this leads to maladjusted, unhappy, frustrated human beings.

A safe and decent house means that people feel secure and can focus their energies positively toward good work. A home is a secure place full of love and warmth, a place where you can dream and have the confidence to go out and realize those dreams with strength, in the knowledge that a wonderful home awaits you on return.

I believe that the youth of today’s world can deliver the change we all want to see. We need to step forward and acknowledge that the world is our responsibility.

On May 12, I will be building a house in India, alongside thousands of others taking part in Habitat Youth BUILD events across China, Indonesia, Philippines and China. In the lead up to that day, I encourage others to be the change you want to see. We have the privilege of being able to reach out to people. Let go of inertia and use your social networks to spread the message that decent housing is the first step to well-adjusted people and a happy society.