Stabilizing foundation




By Amanda Jordan, Habitat homeowner in Los Angeles

In 2009, Habitat for Humanity International and seven U.S. Habitat affiliates received Neighborhood Stabilization funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Combining this with support from non-governmental sources, Habitat has committed to providing 1,062 U.S. families with affordable housing by February 2013. Amanda Jordan is one of those families; she moved her three children into an NSP-funded home on Easter Sunday this spring, thanks to the support of Habitat of Greater Los Angeles.

Being a homeowner has been a total dream come true! I’m in a stable home. I live in a safer neighborhood to raise my three children: 11-year-old Freddie and daughters Fa’Ness, 7, and Faith, 2. My children and I used to share one bedroom in a home filled with 13 people. Now, my children and I have our own personal space with a yard of our own.

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program has been such a blessing. My kids are much happier than before. And my neighbors were excited to meet me as a homeowner. Before our house was renovated, it sat abandoned with squatters living in it.

Habitat came along with this wonderful program to help low-income families such as mine afford a home and make over a neighborhood. I thank God every chance I get for such a wonderful blessing and for meeting such wonderful people.